jm + outage   3 Database Incident - 2017/01/31
Horrible, horrible postmortem doc. This is the kicker:
So in other words, out of 5 backup/replication techniques deployed none are working reliably or set up in the first place.

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february 2017 by jm
DropBox outage post-mortem
A bug in a scheduled OS upgrade script caused live production DB servers to be upgraded while live. Fixes include fixing that script by verifying non-liveness on the host itself, and a faster parallel MySQL binary-log recovery command.
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january 2014 by jm
Foursquare MongoDB outage post mortem
MongoDB was set up to write to RAM if possible, omitting immediate writes to disk -- but then the db size exceeded RAM size, the disk was hit, imposing a massive slowdown and creating a huge backlog immediately, bringing the site down (via Nelson)
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october 2010 by jm

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