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'Virtual nose' may reduce simulator sickness

Anecdotal evidence has suggested simulator sickness is less intense when games contain fixed visual reference objects - such as a racecar's dashboard or an airplane's cockpit - located within the user's field of view.  "But you can't have a cockpit in every VR simulation," Whittinghill said.

His research team was studying the problem when undergraduate student Bradley Ziegler suggested inserting the image of a virtual human nose in the center of the video display. "It was a stroke of genius," said Whittinghill, who teaches video game design. "You are constantly seeing your own nose. You tune it out, but it's still there, perhaps giving you a frame of reference to help ground you." The researchers have discovered that the virtual nose, or "nasum virtualis," reduces simulator sickness when inserted into popular games.
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Today in nose-leech news -- it's a species!
'The T. rex leech uses its teeth to saw into the tissues of mammals' orifices, including eyes, urethras, rectums, and vaginas.' OH JESUS
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Unit Testing Achievements
XBox style achievements for Python's 'nose' unit testing framework, eg. 'Major Letdown: all tests in a suite of at least 100 pass except the last.' genius!
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