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The Shitkansen
this may be the best Aussie neologism. "Shitkansen" refers to the shitty Newcastle-Sydney suburban rail line, as opposed to the gleaming, zoomy japanese "shinkansen" bullet trains
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15 days ago by jm
/tanˈspleɪn/ - verb informal - (of a British journalist or political type) explaining Irish history and politics to an Irish person, in a manner regarded as condescending, patronizing, and often incorrect.
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november 2017 by jm
Copyfraud - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
'a term coined by Jason Mazzone (Associate Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School) to describe situations where individuals and institutions illegally claim copyright ownership of the public domain and other breaches of copyright law with little or no oversight by authorities or legal consequence for their actions.' Good term (via Nelson)
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may 2012 by jm
good anti-deletionist comment thread on reddit/programming
Loved this great neologism: 'as with any small organization's politics, people with way more time (and insanity) to invest in trivial issues will always out-penis more casual people just trying to make a positive contribution.'
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february 2011 by jm
New programming jargon you coined? - Stack Overflow
some nice coding neologisms here. aside from "Refuctoring" (see other link), I like "The Duck" (a sacrificial feature, used to distract cut-crazy bosses from useful features) and "Stringly Typed" (an implementation that needlessly relies on strings when programmer and refactor friendly options are available)
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may 2010 by jm

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