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'At NAMAland we like to look on the bright side. OK, the downside of NAMA is that it's costing you €54 billion -- the upside is that you now own some of the best (and worst) properties in Dublin. So grab your phone, put on your tophat and enjoy your new role as a property tycoon with our augmented reality tour of NAMAland. Remember, we-are-where-we-are, there's no point playing the blame game, we were all living beyond our means and it was like that when we got here...' Excellent! a Layar Augmented Reality layer for Layar which lets you see properties in Dublin owned by NAMA, the National Asset Management Agency
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october 2010 by jm
100 ways to spend the Anglo €25,000,000,000
'just how much is €25 billion that [Ireland's taxpayers] have to borrow for [failed bank] Anglo?' some great answers, including: start our own space program with 20 space shuttles; build 6 LHCs or 2 ITER fusion reactors; scrap fares on all public transport for 33 years; buy 2 of Asia's largest banks; buy Steve Jobs himself; detach the People's Republic of Cork by building a ten-metre-wide moat; buy every house and apartment listed on
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august 2010 by jm
The Irish Economy blog
features mainly posts from NAMA-sceptic economist Karl Whelan
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august 2009 by jm
UCD Economist Karl Whelan pours cold water on the Irish Government's NAMA plans
'What we now know is that the banks have been actively working to keep development properties off the market, so that their true values are kept out of the public domain. However, to work through our current problems, these property assets are going to have to be dealt with – either sold at a reasonable price or else demolished or returned to agricultural usage.' oh dear
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august 2009 by jm

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