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The Problem Isn’t Vancouver’s Astronomical Housing Costs— It’s the People Who Buy
Two types of people own homes in Vancouver — wealthy foreigners who are looking for a place to park their money, and long-time Vancouver residents who have benefited from skyrocketing equity, through no actual effort of their own. There is a simple problem with these people being the primary homeowners in any city — they don’t actually create much value for the place they live in.

A very large percentage of wealthy foreigners who “park” their money here don’t actually live in Vancouver. Take a drive around most expensive areas and you’ll realize the homes are empty. At most, they send their kids to live in Vancouver, learn english/go to school, and then return to their country (usually to Hong Kong). For some reason this is okay with people who live here. The amount of value added to a city from this sort of activity approaches zero. In fact, I’d argue that these people actually leech off of the system more than anything else.
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october 2014 by jm
How would my finances change if euro collapsed? - RTÉ News
RTE's sketch of the repercussions of a Euro collapse for Irish consumers. basically: you won't have any finances, particularly if you have a mortgage
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december 2011 by jm
Permanent TSB's tracker-mortgage paydown option isn't such a good deal after all
'it might be in your interest if you have a tracker mortgage and are unable to get a better rate of interest on the €5,000 that you are being tempted to repay PTSB. You can get up to 4.2% from PTSB deposit accounts, 9.7% from 10-year Irish sovereign bonds, 9% from residential property. Yet PTSB is prepared to give you less than a measly 2% over a five year period on your €5,000 repayment.'
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april 2011 by jm

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