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An Orbit Map of the Solar System
This week’s map shows the orbits of more than 18000 asteroids in the solar system. This includes everything we know of that’s over 10km in diameter - about 10000 asteroids - as well as 8000 randomized objects of unknown size. This map shows each asteroid at its exact position on New Years’ Eve 1999. All of the data for this map is shared by NASA and open to the public.

Really lovely stuff!
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14 days ago by jm
Behold: The Ultimate Crowdsourced Map of Punny Businesses in America | Atlas Obscura
"Spex in the City", "Fidler on the Tooth", "Sight For Four Eyes", "Fried Egg I'm In Love", "Lice Knowing You" and many more
business  humor  map  geography  usa  puns 
october 2015 by jm
earth wind map
Beautiful d3.js dataviz of wind patterns and forecasts, projected against a vector Earth map
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january 2014 by jm
C++ B-Tree
a new C++ template library from Google which implements an in-memory B-Tree container type, suitable for use as a drop-in replacement for std::map, set, multimap and multiset. Lower memory use, and reportedly faster due to better cache-friendliness
c++  google  data-structures  containers  b-trees  stl  map  set  open-source 
february 2013 by jm
Efficient concurrent long set and map
An ordered set and map data structure and algorithm for long keys and values, supporting concurrent reads by multiple threads and updates by a single thread.

Some good stuff in the linked blog posts about Clojure's PersistentHashMap and PersistentVector data structures, too.
arrays  java  tries  data-structures  persistent  clojure  concurrent  set  map 
december 2012 by jm
SnapTree benchmarks
nice concurrent Map data structure for the JVM; beats out ConcurrentHashMap, ConcurrentLinkedHashMap from guava, ConcurrentSkipListMap under both CMS and G1 garbage collectors.
concurrency  benchmarks  hashmap  map  data-structures  java  jvm  snaptree 
september 2012 by jm

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