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Handmade Kitchen Goods from Makers & Brothers - Cool Hunting
lovely kitchen-gear design from local-boys-made-good Makers & Brothers
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may 2014 by jm
Makers & Brothers & Others
'A Tiny Seasonal Department Store', featuring the amazing cakes of Wildflour Bakery among others, at 5 Dame Lane, D2.
The tiny department store will be a wonderful seasonal gathering of Makers & Brothers favourite local and international brands. The Others in this project are a carefully considered bunch of partners from the worlds of flowers, food, fashion, beauty, homeware, gifts and more.  Makers & Brothers & Others, the tiny department store, promises to be a unique, exciting and engaging retail environment. A place to explore, a seasonal store alive with wonder and served by experts. Kindly hosted by the Fumbally Exchange.
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november 2013 by jm

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