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Lessons Learned from Using Regexes At Scale
great post from Loggly on production usage of regular expressions on shared, multitenant architecture, where a /.*/ can really screw things up. "NFA isn't a golden ticket" paragraph included
loggly  regexp  regexes  java  dfa  nfa  architecture 
september 2016 by jm
Why Loggly loves Apache Kafka
Some good factoids about Loggly's Kafka usage and scales
scalability  logging  loggly  kafka  queueing  ops  reliabilty 
may 2015 by jm
Behind the Screens at Loggly
Boost ASIO at the front end (!), Kafka 0.8, Storm, and ElasticSearch
boost  scalability  loggly  logging  ingestion  cep  stream-processing  kafka  storm  architecture  elasticsearch 
september 2013 by jm
'Logging as a Service' - a cloud-based logging service
logging  loggly  cloud  logs  data  metrics  from delicious
november 2010 by jm

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