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a laptop sticker to live by
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10 weeks ago by jm
Bunnie Huang is building a once-off custom laptop design
As one commenter says, "it's like watching a Jedi construct his own light-saber.” Quad-core ARM chips, on-board FPGA (!), and lots of other amazing hacker-friendly features; sounds like a one-of-a-kind device
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december 2012 by jm
Track down your stolen laptop – Prey
hmm, a nifty app that takes pics of the desktop, activates the webcam etc. and uploads to a central server if you activate a 'my laptop has been stolen' bit
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october 2009 by jm
amazing quote from Symantec CTO
Mark Bregman: “I don’t let my IT department near my laptop.”
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september 2009 by jm

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