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Java lambdas and performance
Lambdas in Java 8 introduce some unpredictable performance implications, due to reliance on escape analysis to eliminate object allocation on every lambda invocation. Peter Lawrey has some details
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july 2015 by jm
Spark - A small web framework for Java
A Sinatra-like minimal web framework built on Java 8 lambdas:

<code>public class HelloWorld {
public static void main(String[] args) {
get("/hello", (request, response) -> {
return "Hello World!";
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may 2014 by jm
What's New in Java 8
good explanation of all the new features -- I'm really looking forward to fixing up all the crappy over-verbose interface-as-lambdas we have scattered throughout our code
java  java8  lambdas  fp  functional-programming  currying  joda-time 
march 2014 by jm

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