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The “Smoky Cokey” cocktail tastes exactly how it sounds, and that’s a good thing
Via Ben -- here's a bunch of critics going nuts about a fecking whiskey and coke.

'The 'Smoky Cokey' [...] is a Coca-Cola that tastes smoky thanks to the addition of peaty scotch.
Specifically, the drink as it was explained to me requires Lagavulin 16, a scotch that sells for around $75 a bottle in the United States.

My god the critics go overboard with this:

'the rich smoke and intensity of Lagavulin is beautifully countered by the sweet vanilla and gentle spices of the cola'

'I actually like to make mine with Mexican Coke when I have one handy, because I find the extra sweetness works even better with the fairly aggressive peatiness of something like a Lagavulin'

'There’s something about the sherry notes present in the Lagavulin that makes it really sing when drowned in high fructose corn syrup'

My theory is that this is a marketing wheeze devised by Diageo PR to garner a bit of clickbait....
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