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LUNAR MISSION ONE: A new lunar mission for everyone. by Lunar Missions Ltd — Kickstarter
We plan to send an unmanned robotic landing module to the South Pole of the Moon – an area unexplored by previous missions. We’re going to use pioneering technology to drill down to a depth of at least 20m – 10 times deeper than has ever been drilled before – and potentially as deep as 100m. By doing this, we will access lunar rock dating back up to 4.5 billion years to discover the geological composition of the Moon, the ancient relationship it shares with our planet and the effects of asteroid bombardment. Ultimately, the project will improve scientific understanding of the early solar system, the formation of our planet and the Moon, and the conditions that initiated life on Earth.

Kickstarter-funded -- UKP 600k goal. Just in time for xmas!
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november 2014 by jm
Heirloom Chemistry Set by John Farrell Kuhns — Kickstarter
This is a beauty. I wonder if they can ship to Ireland?
To tell our story for this Kickstarter project, we really have to start in Christmas of 1959. Like many young scientists of the time, I received a Gilbert Chemistry set. This chemistry set provided me hours of great fun and learning as well as laying the foundation for my future as a research chemist. As I became an adult I wanted to share these types of experiences with my daughter, my nephews and nieces, and friends. But soon I became aware real chemistry sets were no longer available. Without real chemistry sets and opportunities for students to learn and explore, where would our future chemists come from? So .... I set out on a mission.
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november 2013 by jm
THE LONG DARK, a first-person post-disaster survival sim by Hinterland — Kickstarter
wow this looks great.
The Long Dark is a thoughtful, first-person survival simulation that emphasizes quiet exploration in a stark, yet hauntingly beautiful, post-disaster setting. The breathtakingly picturesque Pacific Northwest frames the backdrop for the drama of The Long Dark.

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september 2013 by jm
'A curated blog of notable Kickstarter projects' (via potentato)
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may 2012 by jm
Unbound: The Crowdfunding Cargo Cult – Telegraph Blogs
'why was Unbound set up in the first place? It’s because they constructed a cargo cult, believing that if they mimicked the superficial elements of successful crowdfunding, they could enjoy the same success as others – but perhaps even more, thanks to their relationships with publishers, agents, authors, and the media.' They're not the only Kickstarter-cargo-culting company, too. via waxy
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july 2011 by jm
The 2011 Cricket World Cup: A Documentary
my mate Sush is looking to fund 'a documentary set in India during the World Cup of Cricket in 2011 about Indian cricket fans and their personal stories.' Looks great -- might blog about this a bit more...
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december 2010 by jm

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