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Apple Appstore STATUS_CODE_ERROR causes worldwide service problems
Particularly notable for this horrific misfeature, noted by jgc:
I can't commit code at CloudFlare because we use two-factor auth for the VPN (and everything else) and non-Apple apps on my iPhone are asking for my iTunes password. Tried airplane mode and apps simply don't load at all!

That is a _disastrous_ policy choice by Apple. Does this mean Apple can shut down third-party app operation on iOS devices worldwide should they feel like it?
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march 2015 by jm
Lovelace's Leap
a great observation from jgc. 'Lovelace realized that even though a computer was, at its heart, a mathematical machine, it wasn't restricted to doing mathematics. She realized that a computer could be used to process other types of 'information' by having numbers represent anything else. She realized that a computer could handle text, or music, or practically anything. That's Lovelace's Leap.'
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september 2011 by jm
The things make got right (and how to make it better)
jgc provides a good demonstration of how a general-purpose programming language tends to make a crappy DSL -- specifically Rakefiles
dsl  build  make  coding  jgc  languages  configuration  makefiles  rake  ruby  from delicious
january 2011 by jm
John Graham-Cumming: The Myth of the Boy Wizard
JGC on the Haystack mess. bad journalism by The Guardian, Newsweek and the Beeb, basically, single-sourcing articles without any corroborating backup from domain experts
journalism  haystack  the-grauniad  newsweek  bbc  news  cpj  jgc  from delicious
september 2010 by jm
John Graham-Cumming: Shut up and ship
on "Haystack", a vaporous censorship-evading product aimed at Iran's internet surveillance, which as of yet is a site soliciting donations and a lot of press, and not a lot of techie details
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august 2010 by jm

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