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"Haskell is very simple"
niftierideology on twitter:
Haskell is very simple. Everything is composed of Functads which are themselves a Tormund of Gurmoids, usually defined over the Devons. All you have to do is stick one Devon inside a Tormund and it yields Reverse Functads (Actually Functoids) you use to generate Unbound Gurmoids.
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july 2018 by jm
Git, complicated? Of course not! Commits map to isomorphic contours in source-code phase space
The inspiration for the classic tweet.
it’s simplest to think of the state of your repository as a point in a high-dimensional ‘code-space’,  in which branches are represented as n-dimensional membranes, mapping the spatial loci of successive commits onto the projected manifold of each cloned repository
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march 2018 by jm
New programming jargon you coined? - Stack Overflow
some nice coding neologisms here. aside from "Refuctoring" (see other link), I like "The Duck" (a sacrificial feature, used to distract cut-crazy bosses from useful features) and "Stringly Typed" (an implementation that needlessly relies on strings when programmer and refactor friendly options are available)
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may 2010 by jm

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