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Internet Scale Services Checklist
good aspirational checklist, inspired heavily by James Hamilton's seminal 2007 paper, "On Designing And Deploying Internet-Scale Services"
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april 2015 by jm
James Hamilton - Failures at Scale & How to Ride Through Them - AWS re:Invent 2012 - Cpn208
mostly an update of his classic USENIX paper, but pretty cool to come across a mention of a network monitoring system we've built on page 21 ;)
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december 2012 by jm
Perspectives on the Costa Concordia Incident
hey, co-worker Rory Browne gets namechecked on James Hamilton's blog! woo
costa-concordia  amazon  james-hamilton  disaster  boats  safety  post-mortem 
february 2012 by jm
Amazon hiring embedded OS developers
hey, I know a few of those! 'I need more help on a project I’m driving at Amazon where we continue to make big changes in our datacenter network to improve customer experience and drive down costs while, at the same time, deploying more gear into production each day than all of used back in 2000. It’s an exciting time and we have big changes happening in networking. If you enjoy and have experience in operating systems, networking protocol stacks, or embedded systems and you would like to work on one of the biggest networks in the world, [get in touch].' -- James Hamilton
james-hamilton  aws  jobs  amazon  networking  embedded 
october 2011 by jm

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