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Malware infecting jailbroken iPhones stole 225,000 Apple account logins | Ars Technica

KeyRaider, as the malware family has been dubbed, is distributed through a third-party repository of Cydia, which markets itself as an alternative to Apple's official App Store. Malicious code surreptitiously included with Cydia apps is creating problems for people in China and at least 17 other countries, including France, Russia, Japan, and the UK. Not only has it pilfered account data for 225,941 Apple accounts, it has also disabled some infected phones until users pay a ransom, and it has made unauthorized charges against some victims' accounts.

Ouch. Not a good sign for Cydia
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september 2015 by jm
nifty Cydia iPhone signal-strength app
very nifty. pity my phone's not jailbroken, or I'd be trying this out
jailbreaking  cydia  iphone  signal-strength  3g  wireless  mapping 
august 2011 by jm
Cydia app recommendations
good tips from a forum thread on MacRumors -- quite a few new ones I hadn't tried before
iphone  cydia  jailbreaking  apps  from delicious
march 2011 by jm
a  $4.99 Cydia-installed tweak for jailbroken iPhones -- turn off the 3G radio entirely, switching down to the much more economical 2G radio, when the device is locked or on wifi.  This really should be a built-in feature of iOS
iphone  batteries  battery-life  apps  tweaks  cydia  jailbreaking  from delicious
march 2011 by jm
GreenPois0n jailbreak goes untethered for Apple TV
the $99 set-top box now can run XBMC without having to be re-tethered anytime you needed to power it off
apple  tv  set-top-box  greenpois0n  jailbreaking  ios  xbmc  from delicious
february 2011 by jm
iPhone 3GS GPS suddenly stops working? here's the fix
via a forum on MacRumors -- blow away the locationd cache. Worked perfectly for me after my GPS crapped out halfway through my holidays :( Requires that the phone be jailbroken first
iphone  gps  software  3gs  reliability  bugs  macrumors  jailbreaking  locationd  from delicious
may 2010 by jm
Grooveshark Mobile for iPhone
nifty, an official app for this music-streaming site -- although for jailbroken iPhones only
jailbreaking  iphone  music  grooveshark  streaming  mp3  apps  from delicious
april 2010 by jm

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