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UK at serious risk of over-blocking content online, human rights watchdog warns | Ars Technica UK
The IWF in the spotlight...
The blacklist operated by the IWF effectively amounts to censorship. Not only are the blacklist and notices sent to members of the IWF kept secret, but there is no requirement to notify website owners when their site has been added to the blacklist. Even where statutory rules do exist with respect to notice and take-down procedures (namely, the Terrorism Act 2006 and the Defamation (Operators of Websites) Regulations 2013), the provisions are not so concerned with safeguards for the protection of freedom of expression, as with offering an exemption from liability for ISPs.
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june 2016 by jm
Nominet now filtering .uk domain registrations for 'sex-crime content'
Amazing. Massive nanny-stateism of the 'something must be done' variety, with a 100% false-alarm hit rate, and it's now policy.
'Nominet have made a decision, based on a report by Lord Macdonald QC, that recommends that they check any domain registration that signals sex crime content or is in itself a sex crime. This is screening of domains within 48 hours of registration, and de-registration. The report says that such domains should be reported to the police.' [....]

'The report itself states [...] that in 2013 Nominet checked domains for key words used by the IWF, and as a result reported tens of thousands of domains to IWF for checking, all of which were false positives. Not one was, in fact, related to child sex abuse.'
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january 2014 by jm blocking popular image-hosting sites,
apparently the IWF blocklist now lists them, in a typically overzealous false-positive-prone move, and O2 intercept and block IWF-listed URLs
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july 2010 by jm
O2 Ireland blocking sites listed in the UK IWF list
supposedly should only list child porn sites, but sounds like it's got frequent false positives on file upload/download services nowadays
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october 2009 by jm

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