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Irish agricultural CO2 emissions actually INCREASED by 2.9% last year
Irish EPA: agriculture greenhouse gas emissions increased by 2.9% in 2017 “The most significant drivers are higher dairy cow numbers (+3.1%) which reflects national plans to expand milk production”

Feck's sake.
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Meet the Irish master codebreaker you never heard of
In 1943, one of Nazi Germany’s most notorious communication codes was broken by a mild-mannered librarian and family man from Abbeyfeale in west Limerick, Richard Hayes. His day job was director of the National Library of Ireland, but during the Emergency, he secretly led a covert team of cryptanalysts, working feverishly on the infamous “Görtz Cipher” – a fiendish Nazi code that had stumped many of the greatest code-breaking minds at Bletchley Park, the centre of British wartime cryptography.

Astonishingly, the feat was accomplished not in one of the huts at Bletchley Park, but in a now derelict building colloquially known as “The Red House” on Montpellier Hill in Dublin. If this wasn’t an amazing enough feat, Hayes also broke a complex microdot enciphering system which had baffled the American OSS, as well an enciphering system used by the dreaded Sicherheitsdienst (or SD), the intelligence section of the SS. The breaking of the latter code was instrumental in the Allied victory at the Battle of the Bulge.

Few individuals can be said to have altered the course of the second World War on their own, but Hayes was one such individual – and he did it not with a gun, but with a detailed knowledge of the complex algorithms and mathematical permutations involved in the art of cryptography.

(via Colm)
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Wild camping spots - Google My Maps
A GMaps version of the list of wild camping spots around Ireland
gmaps  google  mapping  wild-camping  camping  ireland 
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Wild Camping Spots map Ireland & Northern Ireland
looks like a decent map (even if they can't use GMaps)
wild-camping  camping  campsites  ireland  tourism 
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Science Europe – cOAlition S
cOAlition S signals the commitment to implement, by 1 January 2020, the necessary measures to fulfil its main principle: “By 2020 scientific publications that result from research funded by public grants provided by participating national and European research councils and funding bodies, must be published in compliant Open Access Journals or on compliant Open Access Platforms.”

The 11 national research funding organisations that form cOAlition S have agreed to implement the 10 principles of Plan S in a coordinated way, together with the European Commission including the ERC. Other research funders from across the world, both public and private, are invited to join cOAlition S.

I am extremely happy to see SFI on this list!

(Via Cathal Garvey)
sfi  ireland  funding  science  open-access  open  papers  journals  via:cathalgarvey 
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Fonez - Pre-owned Phones
Galway-based refurb phone retailer, recommended by co-worker Ciaran where he picked up his Pixel
phones  ireland  shopping  mobile 
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Flight Rights
'This website has been designed to help you, the passenger, understand your rights and entitlements in the event that your air travel plans are disrupted.' from the Commission for Aviation Regulation. See also thread from Sinead Ryan at
consumer  aviation  flights  ryanair  aer-lingus  ireland  rights  flying 
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Large breweries ‘pay publicans not to stock smaller companies’ beer, cider’
Good on Alan Kelly TD for raising the issue -- it is clearly happening and is clearly anti-competitive market manipulation by the big brewers.
He said a pub in Cork he was in recently had 21 taps of which 19 were from one brewing company and that smaller breweries tried to get some of that business. Mr Kelly claimed similar practices were occurring in pubs across all counties and that the statutory body that deals with anti-competitive practices, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC), had received a number of complaints but did not have the resources to deal with the issue.

However, Minister of State Pat Breen said “after a robust examination” the CCPC found it did not have grounds to suspect a breach of the law.

Mr Kelly said that “the dogs in the street know what is happening here” and that the Minister’s response was insulting to the industry. He said the CCPC would need large resources to investigate the issue and “large amounts of cash and resources are being used, and these practices are happening in large pubs in all cities and towns in Ireland”.
ireland  brewing  beer  pubs  ccpc  anti-competitive  business  alan-kelly  dail 
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Crazy maths makes nonsense of Irish climate change policy
'John FitzGerald on madness of Ireland burning peat for electricity:

'the current subsidy per job involved is at least €100,000 a year. The Bord na Móna annual report indicates that, in the year 2016/2017, its workers’ average pay was €50,000. In other words, the subsidy per job is around twice what the workers involved actually earn.

If the peat-fired power stations were closed tomorrow, and the workers involved continued to be employed on their current wages, subsidising these jobs would only cost €50 million, not €100 million. Electricity consumers would pay less to subsidise these jobs, and Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions would fall substantially as a result of discontinuing this polluting fuel use.'

We should plan for closure by 2020 of peat-fired electricity generation:

–greatly benefit environment;
–save electricity consumers money;
–protect livelihoods.
environment  peat  ireland  electricity  fossil-fuels  policy  climate-change 
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An archive of 489,506 Irish abortion tweets from the period around the 8th referendum in Ireland
ireland  history  analytics  archives  archival  repealthe8th 
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How Ireland Beat Dark Ads – Foreign Policy
In practice, while these recognizable attempts to disrupt the democratic debate with microtargeted ads, bot activity, and misinformation were active, they appear to have been relatively ineffective and may even have turned voters away from those employing them.

Given the battleground online discourse has become in democracies across the world, this small country’s resistance to it may offer some cause for hope. The resilience offered by the small size and close-knit nature of the Irish electorate may be difficult to reproduce in larger democracies. But the active measures taken by media, volunteer groups, and campaigners against potentially corrosive techniques can be a powerful inspiration.

+1 -- it's heartening that we were able to defeat these 21st century dirty tricks after the damage they did with Trump and Brexit.
brexit  elections  trump  fake-news  propaganda  bots  dark-ads  facebook  social-media  repealthe8th  referenda  abortion  ireland  repeal-shield  twitter 
june 2018 by jm
‘Abroad For Yes' Helped Irish Voters Get Home for Abortion Referendum
This was one of the most amazing things I saw during the referendum campaign, alright! I had the pleasure of helping to fund several journeys home to vote:
Rebecca Wilson, one of the Abroad for Yes co-founders, said she and two other women, her sister Lauren Wilson and Hannah McNulty Madden, decided to launch the group when the referendum date was announced in late March. Wilson was visiting Helsinki, where Lauren and McNulty Madden are students.

After realizing Lauren and McNulty Madden weren’t eligible for a postal vote, they looked up the cost of flights and panicked. On Twitter, however, McNulty Madden noticed that people were expressing interest in helping people who wanted to go home to Ireland but couldn’t afford it. The women decided to set up the Abroad for Yes Facebook group as a community for supporters of repealing the eighth amendment to gather and find one another.

Wilson thought they’d help fund travel for maybe 10 people total, but in the first day of the group’s existence funded 5 trips, including for Lauren and McNulty Madden. After traveling back to Dublin, Wilson and the group continued to help others, enlisting three other group administrators. Wilson said they don’t have an exact figure, but she believes they’ve helped raise at least 30,000 euros.
ireland  repealthe8th  abortion  referenda  abroad-for-yes  t4y  facebook 
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A first draft of history
For journalists it is always easier to point to the politician with the pearly-white smile and the pithy sound-byte as the harbinger of change – they attract the cameras and the microphones and make us turn our backs on the truth. It’s like we cannot – or will not – believe that change can be brought about by ordinary people doing extraordinary things, no matter how often we see it. It’s like we need the fallacy that our leaders are somehow better than us, somehow in control to sleep safely at night, when in fact much of our insomnia and worry is their creation.

My first draft of history is this:

“On Friday May 25 2018, the women of Ireland repealed the Eighth Amendment.”

And that’s it.

It may have taken them 35 years, and in that time they were scorned and laughed at and belittled and abused, right up until Saturday morning and in some cases beyond, and yet they did it. Nothing else is relevant.

Through the day I saw women, from teenagers who had just cast their first vote to political veterans who started out on this trail 35 years previously, gradually realising what they had done.

One by one, it dawned on them the immense power that they now wield.

They banded together, and over the weeks and months and years, they changed a country.

And they’re not done yet.

Amen to that. Resist the rewriting of history -- this was a revolutionary moment for Ireland, and in some ways, the world.
ireland  history  repealthe8th  abortion  referenda  journalism 
may 2018 by jm
If only Brexit had been run like Ireland’s referendum | Fintan O’Toole | Opinion | The Guardian
Good postmortem review on how the abortion referendum evaded Trumpian "fake news" tactics.
Irish voters were subjected to the same polarising tactics that have worked so well elsewhere: shamelessly fake “facts” (the claim, for example, that abortion was to be legalised up to six months into pregnancy); the contemptuous dismissal of expertise (the leading obstetrician Peter Boylan was told in a TV debate to “go back to school”); deliberately shocking visual imagery (posters of aborted foetuses outside maternity hospitals); and a discourse of liberal elites versus the real people. But Irish democracy had an immune system that proved highly effective in resisting this virus. Its success suggests a democratic playbook with at least four good rules.
trump  fake-news  abortion  referendum  repealthe8th  democracy  ireland  fintan-o-toole 
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This is why you're still seeing referendum ads online
summary: Google can't block ads placed via their own exchanges
advertising  adtech  google  ireland  ads  repealthe8th 
may 2018 by jm
Tricks, Lies and Videotape: The Dirty Tactics of the Anti Choice Side - HeadStuff
Hearing so, so many dirty tricks being pulled by the NO side. Please vote yes for repeal if you have a vote on Friday
repealthe8th  ireland  law  abortion  prochoice  dirty-tricks  tactics 
may 2018 by jm
Abortion - the street demonstrations in pictures
There's me, marching after the X Case in 1992; bookmarking for posterity and my own scrapbook! Repeal the 8th!

'1992: A demonstration against the High Court injunction forbidding a 14-year-old alleged rape victim from obtaining an abortion in Britain. Photograph: The Irish Times'
1992  1990s  history  ireland  x-case  abortion  repealthe8th  law 
may 2018 by jm
"Mudslinging" campaigns drive down voting rates, particularly among the unsure
Does negative campaigning influence the likelihood of voting in elections? Our study of U.S. Senate campaigns indicates the answer is “yes.” We find that people distinguish between useful negative information presented in an appropriate manner and irrelevant and harsh mudslinging. As the proportion of legitimate criticisms increases in campaigns, citizens become more likely to cast ballots. When campaigns degenerate into unsubstantiated and shrill attacks, voters tend to stay home. Finally, we find that individuals vary in their sensitivity to the tenor of campaigns. In particular, the tone is more consequential for independents, for those with less interest in politics, and for those with less knowledge about politics.

(via Mark Dennehy)
politics  strategy  ireland  referenda  via:markdennehy  dirty-tricks 
may 2018 by jm
repealfacts and FAQs.pdf
Louise Kenny, Consultant Obstetrician and Professor of Maternal and Fetal Health, systematically demolishes anti-choice propaganda points with solid scientific facts
repeal  repealthe8th  science  biology  medicine  pregnancy  abortion  pro-choice  ireland  miscarriage 
april 2018 by jm
"Facebook will implement a part of their transparency plan"
The Transparent Referendum Initiative writes:
Big News - Facebook will implement a part of their transparency plan - the ability to see the ads that a page has paid for- IN IRELAND FROM 25th. A positive first step. This will help us build out our database, as we wait for a platform fed offline list to be implemented. #8thRef
facebook  ads  transparency  ireland  repealthe8th  referenda  voting 
april 2018 by jm
Thomas Mayne (politician) - Wikipedia
An illustrious ancestor, apparently!

'Thomas Mayne (1832–1915) was an Irish Parliamentary Party politician. He was elected as Member of Parliament (MP) for Tipperary at a by-election in 1883,[1] and held the seat until the constituency was divided at the 1885 general election. He was then elected for the new Mid division of Tipperary,[2] and held that seat until he resigned in 1890 by becoming Steward of the Manor of Northstead.[3]'

He was known for helping Charles Stewart Parnell in a sticky situation -- from :

'About six months after this, London was convulsed with laughter at a joke too good to keep: One Captain O'Shea [Kitty O'Shea's husband] had challenged Charles Parnell, the Irish Leader, to a duel. Parnell accepted the challenge, but the fight was off, because Thomas Mayne had gone to O'Shea and told him he "would kick him the length of Rotten Row if he tried to harm or even opened his Galway yawp about Parnell."'
parnell  thomas-mayne  ancestors  history  ireland  nationalism  mps  1800s  19th-century  kitty-oshea 
april 2018 by jm
How to report graphic abortion imagery to the gardai under Irish law
I tried to report ICBR graphic abortion imagery to the Gardai today and met a lot of resistance. The following thread gives an account of what happened and how someone can effectively report this imagery. 1/x
At 2pm on Friday the 13th of April I noticed the presence of ICBR graphic abortion imagery being displayed outside the Nassau street entrance of Trinity. I called Kevin Street Garda Station in order to make a complaint under Section 7 of the Public Order Act 1994 2/x
I was told that the Gardai had been instructed by their superiors to not intervene with such imagery and that this direction had come from the Refendum Commission itself. I then called the Refendum Commission in order to query this, as they'd never been involved previously. 3/x
A representative from the commission informed me that no such direction had been given to the Gardai as it is not in the commission's remit to influence such imagery. The representative told me that they would contact with Kevin Street Station about this miscommunication. 4/x
I then rang Kevin Street Station again to inform them of what I had been told by the Refendum Commission. I was then told that a complaint had to be made in person to either a Garda on the scene or to a local station (Trinity would be Pearse Street), which is understandable. 5/x
I informed the Gardai of a similar experience in Dundrum in which the local station had dispatched officers to move along those displaying the imagery to prevent a breach of the peace without a complaint being made in person. 6/x
I was finally told that Pearse Street Station would be contacted to have an available car dispatched to Trinity. 8/x
TLDR: If you see this imagery, report it under Section 7. If you are told that the Gardai cannot intervene, let them know that other stations have before. If they say they have been directed by the Referendum Commission, let them know there is no such directive on record. 9/x
I hope this miscommunication can be cleared up and that both @gardainfo and @RefCom_ie end up on the same page, so that Gardai can continue to do their jobs effectively and respond to public complaints of breach of the peace. 10/10

Very illuminating.
twitter  threads  abortion  propaganda  gardai  law  ireland  public-order-act 
april 2018 by jm
#Repealthe8th | Are the Irish Media Up To The Job?
For years we were subject to speculation and debate about the emergence of new party in Irish politics. Endless coverage for Lucinda Creighton, Michael McDowell and whoever else. All the while, the most incredibly vibrant social movement touching every county in Ireland has emerged and the majority of journalists are unable to write about it.

Media comment has concerned itself not so much with the issues but with grave concern that this is happening outside perceived boundaries of respectable politics. This is ordinary people getting together and putting a most unspeakable issue on the agenda and soon to vote – in spite of the Normal Rules.

It is not just that regime journalists live in a bubble or don’t care to inform themselves. They genuinely do not understand how this campaign has played out. It is beyond their entire conception. This is what happens when your idea of politics only extends to the ritual of posters on lamp posts.
media  ireland  politics  political-correspondents  oireachtas-retort  analysis  society  marref  repealthe8th 
april 2018 by jm
Timeline behind the #CopOnComrades controversy
A very exhaustive timeline of the online defence of feminism against a few left-wing men in Ireland, courtesy of Andrew Flood.
coponcomrades  left-wing  politics  ireland  twitter  facebook  irish-times 
march 2018 by jm
Ken Foxe's Beginner’s Guide to FOI
This guide is designed to be read by members of the public or journalists looking to dip their toes into the world of Freedom of Information in Ireland. It is not designed to be an authoritative guide to FOI, a history book, or an academic text … it is simply a useful introduction to the first steps, the language, and the things you need to know before you start.
foia  foi  government  ireland  ken-foxe 
march 2018 by jm
The Great Igloos of Storm Emma - YouTube
in a once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm, it appears the young Irish male's mind turns to (checks notes) building an igloo and having a party in it
igloos  funny  ireland  storm-emma  snow  wtf  humans-of-the-sesh 
march 2018 by jm
[Changelog] Republic of Ireland Patch notes for version : ireland
Hello and welcome, I’m Leo Varadkar, lead developer of the MMO “Republic of Ireland”, which currently has 4,700,000+ players, and today we’ll be discussing changes coming eventually with the new patch.

-- genius
changelog  funny  mmo  gaming  ireland  patches  comedy 
february 2018 by jm
Last orders: Ireland's vanishing 'quirky' shopfronts – in pictures | Cities | The Guardian
Graphic designer Trevor Finnegan spent seven years documenting traditional shopfronts throughout Ireland.

Lovely examples of a vanishing vernacular style.
architecture  ireland  rural  shopfronts  signs  history 
february 2018 by jm
Pubs reveal drinks firms' exclusive deals
'You could be offered €100,000 - it's big money': Pubs reveal drinks firms' exclusive deals; Heineken has already been accused of using its clout to squeeze out rivals.
heineken  beer  ireland  craft-beer  payola  scams  pubs 
february 2018 by jm
An online doctor appointment -- you fill out a questionnaire, are interviewed via VC, and receive any prescription you need. Recommended by devxda on the ITC slack
doctor  medicine  ireland  services  health 
january 2018 by jm
Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant
new SEAI grant for EV charger points; allows second-hand cars as well, from 2018 onwards
cars  driving  seai  grants  ireland  evs 
december 2017 by jm
Theresa May's Blue Monday -- Fintan O’Toole
Having backed down, May was then peremptorily informed that she was not even allowed to back down. She left her lunch with the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, to take a phone call from the DUP’s Arlene Foster, who told her that the deal she had just made was unacceptable. May then had to go back in and tell Juncker that she could not agree to what she had just agreed to. It is a scarcely credible position for a once great state to find itself in: its leader does not even have the power to conduct a dignified retreat.
eu  ireland  brexit  uk  theresa-may  dup  politics  ec  fintan-otoole 
december 2017 by jm
Bella Caledonia: A Wake-Up Call
Swathes of the British elite appeared ignorant of much of Irish history and the country’s present reality. They seemed to have missed that Ireland’s economic dependence on exports to its neighbour came speedily to an end after both joined the European Economic Community in 1973. They seemed unacquainted with Ireland’s modern reality as a confident, wealthy, and internationally-oriented nation with overwhelming popular support for EU membership. Repeated descriptions of the border as a “surprise” obstacle to talks betrayed that Britain had apparently not listened, or had dismissed, the Irish government’s insistence in tandem with the rest of the EU since April that no Brexit deal could be agreed that would harden the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.
The British government failed to listen to Ireland throughout history, and it was failing to listen still.
europe  ireland  brexit  uk  ukip  eu  northern-ireland  border  history 
december 2017 by jm
How to effectively complain to an Irish broadcaster about a public affairs show
Simon McGarr: "If you think that a public affairs show has failed to address a matter with proper balance, you can (Tweet) say it to the breeze or complain.
There is a process to follow to make an effective complaint
1) complain to broadcaster
2) complain to BAI if unhappy with response."

Thread with more details, and yet more at
complaining  complaints  rte  bai  ireland  current-affairs 
november 2017 by jm
Turtle Bunbury - THE NIGHT OF THE BIG WIND, 1839 (Reprise)

The Night of the Big Wind was the most devastating storm ever recorded in Irish history. Known in As Gaeilge as ‘Oiche na Gaoithe Moire’, the hurricane of 6th and 7th January 1839 made more people homeless in a single night than all the sorry decades of eviction that followed it.
1839  1830s  19th-century  ireland  turtle-bunbury  history  storms  weather  hurricanes 
october 2017 by jm
Amazon Shipping Filter - Chrome Web Store
a user script to determine when Amazon.{com,,fr,de,it,etc} will not deliver to your chosen delivery address, which is a common risk for Irish users
ireland  shipping  amazon  buying  extensions  chrome  userscripts  shopping 
october 2017 by jm
The copyright implications of a publicly curated online archive of Oireachtas debates
"a publicly curated online archive of Oireachtas debates is so obviously in the public interest that copyright law should not prevent it." (via Aileen)
via:aileen  copyright  oireachtas  debates  ireland  parliament  archival  history 
october 2017 by jm
the execution of James Connolly in cake form
As depicted in the Decobake 1916 commemorative cake competition. Amazing scenes of edible history
odd  funny  decobake  1916  history  ireland  republican  nationalism  james-connolly  executions  omgwtf  cake 
october 2017 by jm
Firms involved in biometric database in India contracted by Irish government
Two tech firms – one owned by businessman Dermot Desmond – involved in the creation of a controversial biometric database in India, are providing services for the Government’s public services card and passports. Known as the Aadhaar project, the Indian scheme is the world’s largest ever biometric database involving 1.2 billion citizens. Initially voluntary, it became mandatory for obtaining state services, for paying taxes and for opening a bank account.

Dermot Casey, a former chief technology officer of Storyful, said that if the Daon system was used to store the data and carry out the facial matching then the Government “appears to have purchased a biometric database system which can be extended to include voice, fingerprint and iris identification at a moment’s notice”.

Katherine O’Keefe, a data protection consultant with Castlebridge, said if the departments were using images of people’s faces to single out or identify an individual, they were “by legal definition processing biometric data”.
biometrics  databases  aadhar  id-cards  ireland  psc  daon  morpho 
september 2017 by jm
Comment: 'Mandatory but not compulsory' - what exactly is the justification for the Public Services Card? -
TJ McIntyre nails the problem here:
'Mandatory but not compulsory". This ill-judged hair-splitting seems likely to stick to Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty in the same way that "an Irish solution to an Irish problem" and "on mature recollection" did to politicians before her. The minister used that phrase to defend against the criticism that the public services card (PSC) is being rolled out as a national ID card by stealth, without any clear legal basis or public debate. She went on to say that the PSC is not compulsory as "nobody will drag you kicking and screaming to have a card".
This is correct, but irrelevant. The Government's strategy is one of making the PSC effectively rather than legally compulsory - by cutting off benefits such as pensions and refusing driving licences and passports unless a person registers.
Whether or not the PSC is required by law is immaterial if you cannot function in society without it.
psc  id-cards  ireland  social-welfare  id  privacy  data-protection 
august 2017 by jm
The data for the Irish theory driving test is stored in the US
Prometric is the company which adminsters the test and they appear to store it on US-based servers
prometric  data  privacy  data-protection  driving-test  ireland  theory-test 
august 2017 by jm
Dark forces, Brexit and Irexit
The EU have made it clear, as they have to, that there will be no frictionless borders between the union and the UK. Brexit will be dislocative.  As smaller irish companies start to go to the wall post Brexit expect the calls for “something to be done” to start to include Irexit [an Irish exit from the EU a la Brexit]. But this way madness lies. [...]

we export more in education services than in beverages ; we exportthree times or more manufactured goods than food; we export six times more in chemicals and related; value added by industry or by distribution and transport is more than 10 times that of agriculture. Seeking Irexit on the basis that it would be good for agribusiness is seeking to amputate a hand for a broken finger.
agribusiness  ireland  irexit  brexit  economics  eu  politics 
august 2017 by jm
Ireland's staggering hypocrisy on climate change | Environment | The Guardian
The national climate policy is a greenwash – the country is certain to miss its 2020 emissions target and still handing out drilling licences
guardian  green  greenwashing  ireland  politics  energy  future  climate-change  nmp  oil  fossil-fuels 
july 2017 by jm
20 Cool Irish Campsites
excellent list (albeit from 2010)
camping  ireland  holidays  vacation  lists  caravan 
june 2017 by jm
Could crafty beer giants crush small breweries before they take off? -
Grainne says:
“We’re getting feedback from publicans that says: ‘Look, I’m gonna take out your tap, I’d love to leave it in but I’m getting a cheque for €50,000’.
metalman  brewing  craft-beer  ireland  beer-wars  pubs  publicans  competition 
june 2017 by jm
Connemara shop in patents row with whiskey multinational
Beam Suntory own a trademark on the name "Connemara" -- utter fiasco. How was this granted? Connemara is a very well-known placename in Ireland
connemara  ireland  ip  trademarks  copyfight  beam-suntory  whiskey 
june 2017 by jm
Government urged to declare if it wants mandatory ID cards
“The move from a voluntary or small-scale project of Public Services Cards to requiring all passport and driving licence applicant to present these cards is very significant.” Dr TJ McIntyre, a UCD law lecturer and chairman of the privacy advocacy group Digital Rights Ireland said on Sunday these measures marked the introduction of a “national ID card by stealth” and he believed it was being done “in a way which appears to be illegal”.
privacy  government  ireland  id-cards  law 
may 2017 by jm
Seeking medical abortions online is safe and effective, study finds | World news | The Guardian
Of the 1,636 women who were sent the drugs between the start of 2010 and the end of 2012, the team were able to analyse self-reported data from 1,000 individuals who confirmed taking the pills. All were less than 10 weeks pregnant.

The results reveal that almost 95% of the women successfully ended their pregnancy without the need for surgical intervention. None of the women died, although seven women required a blood transfusion and 26 needed antibiotics.
Of the 93 women who experienced symptoms for which the advice was to seek medical attention, 95% did so, going to a hospital or clinic.

“When we talk about self-sought, self-induced abortion, people think about coat hangers or they think about tables in back alleys,” said Aiken. “But I think this research really shows that in 2017 self-sourced abortion is a network of people helping and supporting each other through what’s really a safe and effective process in the comfort of their own homes, and I think is a huge step forward in public health.”
health  medicine  abortion  pro-choice  data  women-on-web  ireland  law  repealthe8th 
may 2017 by jm
Repair and Leasing Scheme - Peter Mc Verry Trust
Minister Simon Coveney and the Department of Housing have provided funding of €32 million in 2017 for the Repair and Leasing Programme and set a target of 800 units to be delivered this year (2017). A total of €140 million has been allocated to the repair and leasing scheme over the lifetime of Rebuilding Ireland.

The Repair and Leasing Scheme at a Glance:

Targets Properties Empty or Derelict for 1 Year or more

Grants to Property owners of up to €40,000 to get properties back into use

Lease Terms of 10, 15 or 20 Years

State Guaranteed Rental Income for Duration of Lease

Property and Tenants Managed by Approved Housing Bodies [the Peter McVerry Trust in D1,
D3, D7 and D9]
peter-mcverry  homelessness  dublin  housing  repair  derelict-buildings  homes  ireland  property 
may 2017 by jm
Ireland’s Content Pool
Bring your content to life with our free resource for positive tourism related purposes. Our image, video and copy collections show people, landscapes and the Irish lifestyle across a range of experiences including festivals, activities, cities, rural life and food.

Interesting idea -- but the licensing terms aren't 100% clear. This would have been much easier if it was just CC licensed!
open-data  licensing  ireland  tourism  via:damienmulley  landscapes  photos  pictures  content  failte-ireland 
april 2017 by jm
Peter Boylan: New maternity hospital should not be given to Sisters of Charity
I do not believe that ownership of the €300 million, state-of-the-art National Maternity Hospital should be gifted to the Sisters of Charity. A lot of other people appear to share my view.
Secondly, a properly independent board needs to oversee the running of the new hospital.
The Minister has the power to intervene to protect both the medical interests of women and their infants and the financial interests of the Irish taxpayer. He must now do so.

Dr Peter Boylan is chairman of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and a former master of the National Maternity Hospital. Nobody is more qualified on this
peter-boylan  law  ireland  maternity  hospitals  nuns  state 
april 2017 by jm
/r/ireland map
The denizens of /r/ireland have put together a map of their favourite tourist spots around the country. Some slightly odd choices but definitely a few that may be worth a visit. Thread:
ireland  tourist  tourism  attractions  reddit 
april 2017 by jm
The criminal exploits of "Prawo Jazdy"
Excellent policing folklore here....

'Eventually a letter was sent to the Polish embassy to ask for the Polish government's assistance in bringing this rogue motorist to justice.
Their reply was as swift as it was courteous. It said "Prawo Jazdy is Polish for driver's license".'
gardai  policing  ireland  polish  driving  safety  road-safety  funny  anecdotes 
march 2017 by jm
Colm O'Gorman, on societal responsibility for Mother & Baby Homes, Magdalene Laundries & various other church atrocities in Ireland
Excellent twitter thread on the topic. Pasted:

It is often said that everyone knew what was happening in such places, or about the rape of children by priests. That is not true.
It is true that deep veins of knowledge existed across Irish society, at all levels, but not everyone knew. Or were allowed to know.
Just like is always the case, the terrible things that were done were possible only because they were tolerated. They went unchecked.
They were tolerated by those in positions of authority who either dared not, or did not wish to, challenge the power strictures that existed
They were tolerated by those without power or position because they feared what speaking up might do to them and to their families
That was an Ireland where challenging such vile abuse by power would see you become its victim. It was brutal and vicious.
If you did not, or could not, conform to the demands of the powerful, you were in real danger. At best, ostracisation and excommunication.
But many experience far worse than that. They found themselves in the very places we now acknowledge as hell holes. Locked up in institutions
I always remember the late, great Mary Rafferty exposing the scale of such abusive institutionalisation. She pointed out that at one point
in our relatively recent history, we led the world in one regard. Per capita, we locked up more people in psychiatric institutions than
any other country on the planet. Only the Soviet Union came a distant second to us. That was how Ireland treated dissent or difference
That what was happened to many who could not conform to a brutal demand to be somehow 'acceptable' to dogma & unaccountable power
And it wasn't some ancient Ireland either. The last laundry closed in 1996. In 2002, when fighting for inquiries into child rape by priests
and it's cover up by bishops, cardinals and popes, those same princes declared themselves above the rule of the law of this Republic
insisting that the law of their church was superior to the law of this state. And their position was taken seriously by many.
It took months of dogged battle by me and others to get past that bullshit. For our political and legal system to assert itself.
The Ireland where the lives of women & children were controlled & brutalised by people who felt they had a God given right to do so is not
some other country that existed back in some other time. It is this Ireland. We have changed a lot - but it is still this Ireland.
The difference now is that we ALL know. That the truth is out, and that more is being revealed. And yes, undoubtedly there is more to come.
So it is NOT true all past members of society, or even anything close to a majority, colluded with such abuses. That is a falsehood.
It is also a falsehood to suggest that the church did what the state would not do, and provided as best it could. That is a lie.
The Catholic Church captured control of what should have been arms of the state. Health, education and social care. And it exploited them.
It used them to drive its own agendas, to enforce its own dogma. And at every turn it resisted any 'intrusion' into those realms by others.
including the state. Look at the Mother & Child Scheme for eg, or the response to the first multi-denominational schools, and much more.
Catholic orders defended themselves against accusations of appalling abuse of children in their institutions by claiming that
the state did not give them enough money to feed, clothe and properly care for the children they detained in those places. This was a lie.
in the same institutions where children went starving, clergy were well fed and housed. They went for nothing. Funded by the state and the
forced labour of the children or women they detained. The Ryan Report debunked that lie in its entirety.
Ryan found that religious orders maintained "bloated congregations" by bringing in more and more children, and therefore more and more money
And now we know. Now the threat of brutal reprisal is lifted. Now is the time for truth, to own what has been done to so many vulnerable
people in our Republic. To learn from it and ensure we identify how that same corrupting tendency manifests today. Because it does of course
It may not be quite as vicious, but it prevails.Look at how power still treats a reasonable demand for accountability: Maurice McCabe for eg
Look at how our education and health systems still allow religious dogma to exert extraordinary power over people's lives.
We are a different Ireland, but are we different enough?
mother-and-baby-homes  tuam  ireland  catholic-church  abuse  colm-o-gorman  twitter  history  priests 
march 2017 by jm
The State already knew about Tuam. Nothing ever changes in Ireland
Forensic archaeologists are combing through the soil in Tuam. Perhaps justice might be better served if forensic accountants were combing through the accounts of the Bon Secours Sisters. They sold healthy babies and let the rest to die.
nuns  bon-secours  history  ireland  tuam-babies  tuam  horror 
march 2017 by jm
Supporting our Muslim sisters and brothers in tech - Inside Intercom
This is simply amazing:
Intercom is a dual-citizen company of a sort. We’ve had two offices from day zero. I moved to San Francisco from Ireland in 2011 and now hold a green card and live here. I set up our headquarters here, which contains all of our business functions. My cofounders set up our Dublin office, where our research and development teams are based. And we have over 150 people in each office now.

We’d like to use this special position we’re in to try help anyone in our industry feeling unsafe and hurt right now. If you’re in tech, and you’re from one of the newly unfavored countries, or even if you’re not, but you’re feeling persecuted for being Muslim, we’d like to help you consider Dublin as a place to live and work. [....]

– If you decide you want to look into moving seriously, we’ll retain our Dublin immigration attorneys for you, and pay your legal bills with them, up to €5k. We’ll do this for as many as we can afford. We should be able to do this for at least 50 people.
intercom  muslim  us-politics  immigration  dublin  ireland 
january 2017 by jm
The Irish Ether Drinking Craze
Dr. Kelly, desperate to become intoxicated while maintaining The Pledge, realized that not only could ether vapors be inhaled, but liquid ether could be swallowed. Around 1845 he began consuming tiny glasses of ether, and then started dispensing these to his patients and friends as a nonalcoholic libation. It wasn't long before it became a popular beverage, with one priest going so far as to declare that ether was "a liquor on which a man could get drunk with a clean conscience." In some respects ingesting ether is less damaging to the system than severe alcohol intoxication. Its volatility - ether is a liquid at room temperature but a gas at body temperature -dramatically speeds its effects. Dr. Ernest Hart wrote that "the immediate effects of drinking ether are similar to those produced by alcohol, but everything takes place more rapidly; the stages of excitement, mental confusion, loss of muscular control, and loss of consciousness follow each other so quickly that they cannot be clearly separated." Recovery is similarly rapid. Not only were ether drunks who were picked up by the police on the street often completely sober by the time they reached the station, but they suffered no hangovers.

Ether drinking spread rapidly throughout Ireland, particularly in the North, and the substance soon could be purchased from grocers, druggists, publicans, and even traveling salesmen. Because ether was produced in bulk for certain industrial uses, it could also be obtained quite inexpensively. Its low price and rapid action meant than even the poorest could afford to get drunk several times a day on it. By the 1880s ether, distilled in England or Scotland, was being imported and widely distributed to even the smallest villages. Many Irish market towns would "reek of the mawkish fumes of the drug" on fair days when "its odor seems to cling to the very hedges and houses for some time."
ether  history  ireland  northern-ireland  ulster  drugs  bizarre 
january 2017 by jm
Raising the Roof: Comments on the recent Newgrange ‘roof-box’ controversy
Instead of discussing recent site visits or photographs we’ll be looking at a recent controversy sparked by comments about the reconstruction of Newgrange and, in particular, three claims made in the media by an Irish archaeologist; 1. That the “roof-box” at Newgrange may not be an original feature, instead it was “fabricated” and has “not a shred of authenticity” 2. That two vitally important structural stones, both decorated with megalithic art, from Newgrange were lost after the excavation and 3. That the photographic evidence that backs up the existing restoration is either inaccessible or never existed at all. I hope to show why we can be sure none of these claims are sustainable and that in fact the winter solstice phenomenon at Newgrange is an original and central feature of the tomb.
history  newgrange  archaeology  solstice  ireland  megalithic 
january 2017 by jm
Commentary: The ‘Irish’ Startup Attribution Problem
Why don't Irish tech startup activity show up on a EU-wide comparisons? Turns out we tend to transition to a US-based model, with US-based management and EU-based operations and engineering, like $work does:
Successful Irish tech companies have a skewed geographic profile. This presents a data gathering problem for the data companies but its also a strong indicator of the market reality for Irish startups. The size of the local market and a focus on software business in particular means many Irish startups are transitioning to the US (some earlier and with more commitment than others), and getting backed by a spectrum of local and international VCs.

Correcting for this put Ireland's tech venture investment in the second half of 2014 at $125m, midway between Sweden and Finland, 8th in Europe overall.
ireland  tech  startups  investment  vc  europe  eu 
december 2016 by jm
Heineken refreshed by ‘craft beer’ ruling
scumbags. Attempting to pass off their pissy beer under alternative names to con consumers into buying it!

'There will be no sanctions against Heineken for passing off non-craft beer as “locally produced”, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has said.

The FSAI and HSE launched a joint investigation last month after it emerged that Heineken Ireland had sold some of its products, including Foster’s lager, under craft-type names such as Blasket Blonde and Beanntrai Bru. Two well-known stouts, Beamish and Murphy’s, were also sold under craft-type names by the international brewing giant. C&C, a Tipperary-based drinks company, was also investigated after it admitted selling its Clonmel 1650 lager under a different name, Pana Cork, in Cork.'
heineken  lager  beer  cons  ireland  consumer  fsai 
november 2016 by jm
Pure Pharmacy
a low-cost online vendor in Ireland, recommended by @irldexter on ITS (along with

'For basic consultations I halved the cost €55 to engage a GP with down to €25 (for limited domains) and after paying €8.48 and €9.48 respectively for a Ventolin inhaler, I now get them for €3.50 at (closer to mainland EU costs). I also benchmarked my parents medicine costs which worked out 40% cheaper too.'
recommendations  pharmacy  ireland  doctors  health  medicine 
november 2016 by jm
Rents dwarf Celtic Tiger era with ‘disastrous effect’ on society

“The scale of the challenge here remains depressing,” says the report. “It has never been viable to build apartment blocks in the vast majority of this country.” [...] The report notes that the rise in living costs of almost three quarters in less than five years is “a symptom of strong demand for housing” as economic recovery continues and the population grows.
“But there is nothing inevitable about housing costs rising with demand,” it says. “That only happens when supply fails to respond, and the complete absence of any meaningful level of construction over the past five years is a systemic failure in desperate need of policy solutions.
“There is no more urgent task facing the Minister for Housing, his department and advisers, and the Housing Agency, than understanding why the costs of building, and building apartments in particular, is so dramatically out of line with our own incomes and indeed with the cost in other countries.”
daft  housing  ireland  fail  homes  rent  building 
november 2016 by jm
Subreddit devoted to becoming a software developer in Ireland, with a decent wiki
ireland  dev  jobs  coding  via:its 
november 2016 by jm
New Scientist: Home abortions are safe – we should let women do it themselves
the Women on Web approach is backed by a column in New Scientist:

'It’s also safer than many other medicines that we are allowed to buy from pharmacies without a prescription, such as Viagra in the UK. So why can’t women get abortion pills from pharmacies and manage the process themselves at home if they choose? It might sound radical but it’s already widespread in countries where abortion is illegal, with women buying the pills from online pharmacies. While some countries, such as Poland, are trying to tighten their already strict abortion laws, the advent of mail-order abortion pills means the law is becoming almost irrelevant.'
new-scientist  safety  abortion  pro-choice  medicine  mifepristone  pills  poland  ireland  repealthe8th 
october 2016 by jm
Stephen Coutts – Irexit by Default? The Maintenance of Open Borders and Constitutional Realignment in the event of a hard Brexit
This is the new fear -- that FF/FG will accidentally and stupidly disengage Ireland from the EU as a side effect of trying to keep the UK happy and cross-border trade intact
trade  customs  borders  uk  brexit  imports  ireland  eu 
october 2016 by jm
Batsh!t Britain’s Brexit Border Blues
Good blog post on the insane plan mooted by the UK to push their border controls to the Republic of Ireland's ports
borders  uk  brexit  ireland  politics 
october 2016 by jm
Showing bottle: one man's vision crafted a revolution
A eulogy for Oliver Hughes, founder of the Porterhouse and Dingle Distillery, and arguably the progenitor of Ireland's craft beer scene. I had the pleasure of sharing a table with him at a beer tasting in Sweeney's off license a while back, and it was both educational and a good fun night. RIP
oliver-hughes  porterhouse  beer  ireland  dublin  dingle-distillery  rip  deaths 
august 2016 by jm
Law to allow snooping on social media defies European court ruling
Karlin on fire:
But there’s lots in this legislation that should scare the public far more. For example, the proposal that the legislation should allow the retention of “superfluous data” gathered in the course of an investigation, which is a direct contravention of the ECJ’s demand that surveillance must be targeted and data held must be specifically relevant, not a trawl to be stored for later perusal “just in case”.
Or the claim that interception and retention of data, and access to it, will only be in cases of the most serious crime or terrorism threats. Oh, please. This was, and remains, the supposed basis for our existing, ECJ-invalidated legislation. Yet, as last year’s Gsoc investigation into Garda leaks revealed, it turns out a number of interconnected pieces of national legislation allow at least 10 different agencies access to retained data, including Gsoc, the Competition Authority, local authorities and the Irish Medicines Board.
surveillance  ireland  whatsapp  viber  snowden  snooping  karlin-lillington  facebook  internet  data-retention 
july 2016 by jm
The History of the Irish Internet
This site is a companion effort to the techarchives website, except it is less well-researched, and is primarily a personal view of the development of the Internet in Ireland by your humble author, Niall Murphy.
niallm  internet  ireland  history  networking  heanet  ieunet 
june 2016 by jm
I need to get in touch about the early days of the Irish web!
an online home for stories from Ireland – stories about the country’s long and convoluted relationship with information technology. It aims to gather information on the most significant aspects of this relationship, to compile archives on the selected themes, and to store the assembled records for the benefit of future generations.
web  ireland  history  internet  www 
june 2016 by jm
The Irish Internet in the 1980s
from Dr Mark Humphrys in DCU:
A collection of bits and pieces of Internet history. Focusing somewhat (but not exclusively) on: (a) the 1980s, when I first started using the Internet, and: (b) Ireland.
mark-humphrys  dcu  history  tcd  bitnet  ireland  internet  web  www  1980s 
june 2016 by jm
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