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London Calling: Two-Factor Authentication Phishing From Iran
some rather rudimentary anti-2FA attempts, presumably from Iranian security services
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august 2015 by jm
Israeli general claims Stuxnet attacks as one of his successes
'Haaretz reports [on a] video that was played at a party organized for General Gabi Ashkenazi's last day on the job. The video contained references to the successes he achieved during his stint as chief of staff, [including] the Stuxnet worm attack on Iran's uranium enrichment facility at Natanz and and the nuclear reactor at Bushehr.'
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february 2011 by jm
Stuxnet Worm Used Against Iran Was Tested in Israel -
some amazing details of Stuxnet's apparent background. 'By the accounts of a number of computer scientists, nuclear enrichment experts and former officials, the covert race to create Stuxnet was a joint project between the Americans and the Israelis, with some help, knowing or unknowing, from the Germans and the British.'
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january 2011 by jm

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