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Government urged to declare if it wants mandatory ID cards
“The move from a voluntary or small-scale project of Public Services Cards to requiring all passport and driving licence applicant to present these cards is very significant.” Dr TJ McIntyre, a UCD law lecturer and chairman of the privacy advocacy group Digital Rights Ireland said on Sunday these measures marked the introduction of a “national ID card by stealth” and he believed it was being done “in a way which appears to be illegal”.
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South Korea faces $1bn bill after hackers raid national ID database • The Register
Simon McGarr says: '80% of S.Korea's population have had their ID number stolen, crimewave ongoing. >> Turns out a pot of honey is sweet'
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february 2015 by jm
BBC News - South Korean ID system to be rebuilt from scratch
There are several reasons that the ID cards have proved so easy to steal:

Identity numbers started to be issued in the 1960s and still follow the same pattern. The first few digits are the user's birth date, followed by either a one for male or two for female;

Their usage across different sectors makes them master keys for hackers, say experts;

If details are leaked, citizens are unable to change them

via Tony Finch.
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EcoJel jellyfish identification card
To identify the jellyfish found in Irish waters -- good, recognisable photos
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