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Kubernetes: The Surprisingly Affordable Platform for Personal Projects
At the beginning of the year I spent several months deep diving on Kubernetes for a project at work. As an all-inclusive, batteries-included technology for infrastructure management, Kubernetes solves many of the problems you're bound to run into at scale. However popular wisdom would suggest that Kubernetes is an overly complex piece of technology only really suitable for very large clusters of machines; that it carries a large operational burden and that therefore using it for anything less than dozens of machines is overkill.

I think that's probably wrong. Kubernetes makes sense for small projects and you can have your own Kubernetes cluster today for as little as $5 a month.

(via Tony Finch)
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october 2018 by jm
Setting up Perfect Forward Secrecy for nginx or stud
Matt Sergeant writes up a pretty solid HOWTO:

There has been a lot of discussion recently about Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) and the benefits it can bring you, especially in terms of any kind of traffic sniffing attack. Unfortunately setting this up I found very few guides telling you exactly what you need to do. The downside to PFS [via ECDHE] is that it uses more CPU power than other ciphers. This is a trade-off between security and cost.
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june 2013 by jm
how to restore from iCloud backup
the trick: don't try and do it through iTunes, it won't give you the option, apparently. I have a carrier unlock, and apparently need to wipe the phone for it to take place; this scares the crap out of me
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june 2012 by jm
Hikaru Dorodango
'Hikaru dorodango are balls of mud, molded by hand into perfect spheres, dried, and polished to an unbelievable luster. The process is simple, but the result makes it seem like alchemy.
A traditional pastime among the children of Japan, the exact origin of hikaru dorodango is unknown.'
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september 2011 by jm
Using Git to manage a web site
simple, basic demo of a git post-receive hook to auto-check-out every rev committed to a git repository
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february 2011 by jm
How do I do silicone sealant neatly?
so that's how it's done. now to retry my DIY botch job
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july 2010 by jm
Cory Doctorow's working environment
hardware and software, specifically, and an Ubuntu/Thinkpad user. some good tips here, and well-written, naturally
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july 2010 by jm
SimpleRip: Ripping/Encoding DVDs to Xvid with Mencoder
good idea -- generate a mencoder command-line using a friendlier Javascript single-page UI (via OMGUbuntu)
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june 2010 by jm
Wall anchors & plasterboard/dry lining walls
Boards thread with good advice regarding wall fixings for drylined walls
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march 2010 by jm
Sup, OfflineIMAP and MSMTP
A good guide to installation on Jaunty. I'm trying out sup. It does a really good job of bringing the GMail experience to the commandline, so far so good; now to see if I can switch my work email over!
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november 2009 by jm
The Best Way to Cook a Thick Steak
30 minutes over medium heat, cooked in its own fat. whoa, I want to try this
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october 2009 by jm

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