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La Maison des Amis
Paul Hickey's gite near Toulouse, available for rent!

'a beautifully converted barn on 5 acres, wonderfully located in the French countryside. 4 Bedrooms, sleeps 2-10, Large Pool, Tennis Court, Large Trampoline, Broadband Internet, 30 Mins Toulouse/Albi, 65 Mins Carcassonne, 90 Mins Rodez'
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september 2014 by jm
Hotels to pay royalties on music - The Irish Times - Fri, Dec 14, 2012
'The operators of hotels, guesthouses and bed & breakfasts will have to pay royalties for any copyright music played in guest bedrooms [in Ireland]. [...] Under the agreement, the music charges will be set by Phonographic Performance Ireland Ltd (PPI). [...] When it initiated its case in 2010, the PPI said it was seeking payment of about €1 per bedroom per week or about 14 cent a night.'

I don't understand this. Most hotels do not play music in the rooms themselves. Does this apply if there is no music playing in the bedroom? Does it apply if the customer brings their own music? Are Dublin Bus to be next?
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december 2012 by jm
a decent hotel search/booking site, recommended by On The Record's Jim Carroll ‏(@jimcarrollOTR on Twitter): '@sineadgleeson use HotelClub - good range of hotels & prices. Or use Hotel Tonight app for real last minute stuff'
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april 2012 by jm
The first Irish case on defamation via autocomplete
Google Instant has picked up people searching for 'Ballymascanlon hotel receivership' and is now offering this as an autocomplete option -- cue defamation lawsuit. Defamation via machine learning
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june 2011 by jm
Radisson Blu Galway – I’d avoid for events « Damien Mulley
Damien shares his atrocious experiences with a Galway hotel, and (naturally) commenters from the hotel's IP address range pile on what looks like astroturf in the comments
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april 2010 by jm

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