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Good home automation ideas
I'm vaguely thinking about home automation, while also being fairly sceptical, so this is good:
She also loves data, so automatic temperature logging from all the sensors in the house to a spreadsheet is something she likes. We've got a camera outside and lately there have been cats and possums hanging around, so if you send a command to our telegram group chat, you'll get a snapshot of the current view sent (we like the local wildlife). She absolutely loved the WLED LED strings I made and wants them to be left up all year. For TV, we can either use the harmony remote and click 'Watch TV' or say 'Hey Google Turn On Watch TV' and it'll get everything set up with the correct inputs.

Find a couple projects that actually improve quality of life, but don't have a super high impact if they don't work quite right and use that as a starting point. Our landlord didn't give us the remote to the garage, so my first project was wiring a pi and relay to the opener so we could use it. Then, I added a ultrasonic detector so I could tell if the door was open/closed and then added the timer to it in homeassistant. Now, if I want to automate something, I've built up enough credit with her that it's not an issue as long as I don't make it hideous (which ... duh ... that shouldn't even be about WAF).

Also -- No one wants to tell Alexa/Google to turn on the lights all the time. Mine are as automated as possible. PIR sensors to turn them on and timers to turn them off [timers get reset every time motion is re-detected, which allows for plenty of 'wiggle room']. If we want to deviate from the automation, voice is great, but it shouldn't be the primary method of turning on the lights. Everything I just said about voice, apply double to apps, 10x if you need to use different apps for different devices.
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6 weeks ago by jm
Home automation with Home Assistant on an Odroid XU4
this looks great, I may need to do some hacking with my Odroid
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november 2019 by jm
Belkin managed to put their firmware update private key in the distribution
'The firmware updates are encrypted using GPG, which is intended to prevent this issue. Unfortunately, Belkin misuses the GPG asymmetric encryption functionality, forcing it to distribute the firmware-signing key within the WeMo firmware image. Most likely, Belkin intended to use the symmetric encryption with a signature and a shared public key ring. Attackers could leverage the current implementation to easily sign firmware images.'

Using GPG to sign your firmware updates: yay. Accidentally leaving the private key in the distribution: sad trombone.
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february 2014 by jm

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