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DST breaks everything
LOL as DST bug uncovers spurious automated noise complaints:
In January last year the airport unearthed a scheme whereby campaigners were using automated software to generate complaints against the airport. Officials caught out the set-up when the two anti-Heathrow enthusiasts forgot to take into account the hour going back in October, and began complaining about flights that had not yet taken off or arrived.
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november 2016 by jm
Heathrow security man "ogles" female colleague's breasts using full-body scanner
'John Laker, 25, allegedly copped an eyeful of Jo Margetson, 29, when the latter "entered the X-ray machine by mistake". She was "horrified" as Laker "pressed a button to take a revealing photo" and remarked [on the size of her breasts].' as Conrad says, "who didn't see this coming?" Wonder how many other "revealing photos" are on that hard drive
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march 2010 by jm

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