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Former NSA Boss: We Don't Data Mine Our Giant Data Collection, We Just Ask It Questions
'Well, that's - no, we're going to use it. But we're not going to use it in the way that some people fear. You put these records, you store them, you have them. It's kind of like, I've got the haystack now. And now let's try to find the needle. And you find the needle by asking that data a question. I'm sorry to put it that way, but that's fundamentally what happens. All right. You don't troll through the data looking for patterns or anything like that. The data is set aside. And now I go into that data with a question that - a question that is based on articulable(ph), arguable, predicate to a terrorist nexus.'

Yep, that's data mining.
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june 2013 by jm
Storage Infrastructure Behind Facebook Messages
HBase and Haystack; all data LZO-compressed; very interesting approach to testing -- they 'shadow the real production workload into the test cluster to test before going into production'. This catches a 'high percentage' of issues before production. nice
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october 2011 by jm
John Graham-Cumming: The Myth of the Boy Wizard
JGC on the Haystack mess. bad journalism by The Guardian, Newsweek and the Beeb, basically, single-sourcing articles without any corroborating backup from domain experts
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september 2010 by jm
John Graham-Cumming: Shut up and ship
on "Haystack", a vaporous censorship-evading product aimed at Iran's internet surveillance, which as of yet is a site soliciting donations and a lot of press, and not a lot of techie details
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august 2010 by jm

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