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Building a Regex Search Engine for DNA | Hacker News
The original post is pretty mediocre -- a search engine which handles a corpus of "thousands" of plasmids from "a scientist's personal library", and which doesn't handle fuzzy matches? I think that's called grep -- but the HN comments are good
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april 2016 by jm
HN on "What it takes to build great machine learning products"
TBH, I think this discussion thread is more useful than the article itself. It's still remarkably difficult to successfully apply ML techniques to real-world problems :(
machine-learning  hacker-news  discussion  commentary  ai  algorithms 
april 2012 by jm
good Hacker News thread on djb's "redo"
YA make-replacement build system. the thread is better than the linked article, btw
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january 2011 by jm

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