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GTA V - Graphics Study
how GTAV renders a single frame. this is amazingly detailed
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november 2015 by jm
What We Know 2/5/14: The Mt. Chiliad Mystery
hats off to Rockstar -- GTA V has a great mystery mural with clues dotted throughout the game, and it's as-yet unsolved
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march 2014 by jm
Gamasutra - Opinion: The tragedy of Grand Theft Auto V
This is watching your sharp, witty father start telling old fart jokes as his mind slows down. And as much as the internet is habituated to defending GTA as "satire," what is it satirizing, if everything is either sad or awful? Where is the "satire" when the awful parts no longer seem edgy or provocative, just attempts at catch-all "offense" that aren't honed enough to even connect? Here's a series that has been creating real, meaningful friction with conventional entertainment for as long as I can remember, and rather than push the envelope by creating new kinds of monsters, it's reciting the same old gangland fantasies, like a college boy who can't stop staring at the Godfather II poster on his wall, talking about how he's gonna be a big Hollywood director in between bong rips. You call the trading index BAWSAQ? Oh, bro, you're so funny, you're gonna be huge.
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september 2013 by jm

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