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'Make JSON greppable!'
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april 2018 by jm
Building a Regex Search Engine for DNA | Hacker News
The original post is pretty mediocre -- a search engine which handles a corpus of "thousands" of plasmids from "a scientist's personal library", and which doesn't handle fuzzy matches? I think that's called grep -- but the HN comments are good
grep  regular-expressions  hacker-news  strings  dna  genomics  search  elasticsearch 
april 2016 by jm
interactive menu selection for the UNIX command line
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february 2016 by jm
Ag: faster than Ack
Some nice performance tricks; I particularly like the use of sljit:
Ag uses Pthreads to take advantage of multiple CPU cores and search files in parallel.
Files are mmap()ed instead of read into a buffer.
Literal string searching uses Boyer-Moore strstr.
Regex searching uses PCRE's JIT compiler (if Ag is built with PCRE >=8.21).
Ag calls pcre_study() before executing the same regex on every file.
Instead of calling fnmatch() on every pattern in your ignore files, non-regex patterns are loaded into arrays and binary searched.
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march 2015 by jm
Dutch grepping Facebook for welfare fraud
'The [Dutch] councils are working with a specialist Amsterdam research firm, using the type of computer software previously deployed only in counterterrorism, monitoring [LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter] traffic for keywords and cross-referencing any suspicious information with digital lists of social welfare recipients.

Among the giveaway terms, apparently, are “holiday” and “new car”. If the automated software finds a match between one of these terms and a person claiming social welfare payments, the information is passed on to investigators to gather real-life evidence.' With a 30% false positive rate, apparently -- let's hope those investigations aren't too intrusive!
grep  dutch  holland  via:tjmcintyre  privacy  facebook  twitter  linkedin  welfare  dole  fraud  false-positives  searching 
september 2011 by jm
'A set of programs for creating, manipulating, and outputing a stream of Records, or hashes. Inspired by Monad.' looks very powerful
monad  recordstream  open-source  recs  cli  grep  from delicious
september 2010 by jm
_Fast Cache for Your Text: Accelerating Exact Pattern Matching with Feed-Forward Bloom Filters_ [PDF]
intriguing application of a Bloom Filter optimised for modern CPUs (2-level, with a cache-partitioned first level), providing massive speedups vs GNU grep or trie-based approaches like Aho-Corasick -- or possibly re2c, as used in "sa-compile". On the other hand, a perl implementation of Rabin-Karp, which is similar, didn't perform as well. Still, may be worth investigating
bloom-filters  grep  filtering  spamassassin  sa-compile  text-matching  caches  aho-corasick  from delicious
september 2010 by jm

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