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An In-Depth Guide to Nginx Metrics
decent list of what nginx offers in terms of instrumentation
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19 days ago by jm
Online chart maker for CSV and Excel data; make charts and dashboards online. One really nice feature is that charts made this way get permalinks, and can be easily inlined as PNGs or HTML5 divs. (See for an example.)
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january 2016 by jm
'Plugin to make highly interactive graphite graph objects ((i.e. graphs where you can interactively toggle on/off individual series, inspect datapoints, zoom in realtime, etc) Supports Flot (canvas), Rickshaw (svg) and standard graphite png images (in case you're nostalgic and don't like interactivity).'
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september 2013 by jm
Unhelpful Graphite Tips
10 particularly good -- actually helpful -- tips on using the Graphite metric graphing system
graphite  ops  metrics  service-metrics  graphing  ui  dataviz 
february 2013 by jm
Beatiful dataviz of weather data from,, World Weather Online and Weather Central. The main graph includes: mean and percentiles of historical temperature data for time of year, the temperature and precipitation forecast over the chosen period, wind direction and speed, with hourly data. Very nicely done! (via Una Mullally)
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june 2012 by jm

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