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DD-WRT Network Stats Graphics using Grafana and InfluxDB
A slightly hackier approach to DD-WRT grafana metrics, but with a workaround when JFFS isn't an option
grafana  networking  metrics  dd-wrt  routers  jffs  influxdb 
22 days ago by jm
Send DD-WRT router metrics to a graphite server, and a nice Grafana dashboard for same. Needs JFFS enabled on the router
dd-wrt  wrt  routers  networking  grafana  graphite  metrics 
22 days ago by jm
'Monitoring Cloudflare's planet-scale edge network with Prometheus' (preso)
from SRECon EMEA 2017; how Cloudflare are replacing Nagios with Prometheus and grafana
metrics  monitoring  alerting  prometheus  grafana  nagios 
september 2017 by jm
Raintank investing in Graphite
paying Jason Dixon to work on it, improving the backend, possibly replacing the creaky Whisper format. great news!
graphite  metrics  monitoring  ops  open-source  grafana  raintank 
july 2016 by jm
PDX DevOps Graphite replacement
Replacing graphite with InfluxDB, Riemann and Grafana. Not quite there yet, looks like
influxdb  graphite  ops  metrics  riemann  grafana  slides 
december 2014 by jm

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