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Terrifying thread of Google Maps fails
'This takes you over Hayden Pass Rd. "It’s a real challenging road and a true test of your vehicle and your stamina because the road abounds in twists and turns with wheels sometimes hanging above the precipice."
"There is a very narrow section of shelf road before you get to the top that is very dangerous if icy. There are no rocks to stop you from sliding off the side. This section should not be attempted if there is any ice at all."
I'm a little surprised that Google gave this route to me with no warning. It's also comical to say you can get the drive done in 30 minutes.' [....]

'A couple of years ago I did a drive from Port Headland (Northwest Western Australia) to Perth. When we got onto Nanutarra road (Near Paraburdoo), the maps decided we should take a road that was actually the Lyons River - if we were foreign tourists it would have led us into a spot where we could easily have died. Unfortunately in outback WA, many tourists have experienced this and succumbed to it.'
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5 weeks ago by jm
Hanging on the telephone – has anyone got it right on the new ban on text driving?
Some good legal commentary on this new Irish law.
There has been much hand-wringing and concern about whether or not the 2014 Regulations prohibit the use of Google Maps or Hailo, for example. They don’t, but this does not mean that drivers should feel free to use non-texting functions of their phones while driving – holding a mobile phone (which could include a tablet) while driving remains prohibited, whatever the use it is being put to. Moreover, offences of dangerous and careless driving and driving without due care and attention could cover a wide range of bad driving, and could include, for example, driving while zooming in and out of maps on your phone or sending stickers on WhatsApp.
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may 2014 by jm
GTA4 Google Map
wow, very impressive -- as far as I can tell, it really _is_ using GMaps infrastructure to some degree
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june 2011 by jm
Nelson Minar on map tiles
quite a lot of detail into the prevailing state of the art in how online zoomable maps store their tiles
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april 2011 by jm
great UI for a little Dublin oral-history site -- just a GMaps mashup with links to YouTube, but it works very well
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february 2011 by jm

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