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a digital clock in Conway's Game of Life
I'm sure everyone has seen this amazing feat, but I wanted to make sure I had it bookmarked ;) Gliders and lightweight spaceships, apparently...
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6 weeks ago by jm
'A continuous version of Conway's Life, using floating point values instead of integers'. 'SmoothLifeL supports many interesting phenomena such as gliders that can travel in any direction, rotating pairs of gliders, 'wickstretchers' and the appearance of elastic tension in the 'cords' that join the blobs.' paper: , and slides:

(via jwz)
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october 2012 by jm
self-replicating configuration in Conway's Game Of Life created
The "spaceship" configuration replicates in 33699586 generations, using 2 construction arms and a volley of gliders circulating between them
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june 2010 by jm

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