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Gmail supports animated emoji in e-mail subjects
Currently only used in spam, naturally. (via Hilary Mason)
spam  gmail  animation  gif  base64  emojis  goomojis 
september 2015 by jm
H.P. Lovecat
Because there exists no method known to man, more terribly suited to expose the cosmic meaningless of existence than pairing the words of H.P. Lovecraft with seemingly delightful and charming pictures of adorable kittens.
lovecraft  cthulhu  horror  funny  kittens  cats  images  gif 
january 2015 by jm
A desktop app for finding and inserting GIFs into any conversation

Oh yes.
animated  gif  search  pictures  slack  ani-gif  via:bwalsh 
november 2014 by jm
amazing 80's-VHS-feel animated GIFs from Gustavo Torres, a video artist from Argentina
anigifs  animated  gif  retro  cyberpunk  gustavo-torres  kidmograph  fx  video-art  via:mlkshk 
march 2014 by jm

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