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[tahoe-dev] erasure coding makes files more fragile, not less
Zooko says: "This monitoring and operations engineering is a lot of work!" amen to that
erasure-coding  replicas  fs  tahoe-lafs  zooko  monitoring  devops  ops 
march 2012 by jm
vmtouch - the Virtual Memory Toucher
'vmtouch is a tool for learning about and controlling the file system cache of unix and unix-like systems. It is BSD licensed.'
vmtouch  vm  linux  unix  fs  filesystems  instagram 
december 2011 by jm
A short history of btrfs []
wow, sounds good! looking forward to this hitting production-ready status
btrfs  history  zfs  linux  open-source  licensing  storage  sysadmin  b-trees  b+trees  algorithms  fs  filesystems 
august 2009 by jm

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