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WereBank | Were Bank Energy for the People
The Freeman-On-The-Land movement is starting a bank. lols guaranteed
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july 2015 by jm
'No basis in law' : Gardai probe Ballyphehane group after raid
Freemen wackiness in Cork.
The house of one member of the group was raided by gardaí last week, but it is not thought that any arrests were made, according to an eyewitness. Gardaí broke down the front door of the house.
The group, which appears to be part of the Freemen of the Land movement, which does not recognise the State, has attempted to hold 'trials' in Ballyphehane Community Centre. It attempted to summon HSE staff, gardaí, social workers, solicitors and others to appear to be tried by a self-selected jury earlier this month.
The group handed out documents purporting to be a summons to HSE staff and garda stations, demanding that named people attend a trial by 'éire court' on Tuesday 5 November at 9am “to stand trial for their acts of terrorism against mothers, their offspring and others in our community”, according to the group's literature.
This week the group has begun posting about UCC, saying the college is “a private for profit corporation, and a business partner of and partly owned by Pfizers and Bank of Ireland”. The group suggest that UCC bases its “authority” on Maritime Law. UCC has yet to respond to the group's allegations.
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november 2013 by jm
New political ideals ravaged by ... politics
Direct Democracy Ireland, the party linked to Freemen-on-the-land and the Christian Solidarity Party, is having a bit of a bumpy ride with party governance it sounds like
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october 2013 by jm
Freeman on the land - RationalWiki
fantastically encyclopedic description of the "freeman on the land" pseudolegal gibberish, now being employed in an attempt to evade unpleasant taxes or fees -- this stuff is on the rise in post-economic-collapse Ireland, unsurprisingly
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january 2012 by jm

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