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(PDF) Carbon sequestration in the trees, products and soils of forest plantations: An analysis using UK examples
A carbon-flow model for managed forest plantations was used to estimate carbon storage in UK plantations differing in Yield Class (growth rate), thinning regime and species characteristics. If the objective is to store carbon rapidly in the short term and achieve high carbon storage in the long term, Populus plantations growing on fertile land (2.7 m spacing, 26-yr rotations, Yield Class 12) were the best option examined. If the objective is to achieve high carbon storage in the medium term (50 yr) without regard to the initial rate of storage, then plantations of conifers of any species with above-average Yield Classes would suffice. In the long term (100 yr), broadleaved plantations of oak and beech store as much carbon as conifer plantations.

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