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Twitter thread regarding GDPR-compliance for append-only logs/event sourcing systems
Martin Kleppmann: "What’s current best practice for GDPR compliance (in particular, right to deletion) in systems with append-only logs/event sourcing/blockchains, which are supposed to keep history forever?"

Ben Kehoe: "Crypto delete. The immutable store keeps an encrypted copy, and the key is stored elsewhere. Forget me = throw away the key".

That seems to be the most practical suggestion in general in this thread.
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june 2018 by jm
John Carmack's .plan update from 10/14/98
John Carmack presciently defines the benefits of an event sourcing architecture in 1998, as a key part of Quake 3's design:

"The key point: Journaling of time along with other inputs turns a
realtime application into a batch process, with all the attendant
benefits for quality control and debugging. These problems, and
many more, just go away. With a full input trace, you can accurately
restart the session and play back to any point (conditional
breakpoint on a frame number), or let a session play back at an
arbitrarily degraded speed, but cover exactly the same code paths."

(This was the first time I'd heard of the concept, at least.)
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november 2012 by jm

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