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New Electric Ireland
A company in Arklow is teaching people how to convert petrol/diesel cars to run as EVs on a budget -- including their own split-screen VW bus, running on a Tesla drivetrain, and a BMW 7 series running as a hybrid from a Lexus RX450h
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Heavy-duty electric truck driver ditches diesel
This is significant news -- sounds like electrified heavy trucks are well on the way:
When it is time to accelerate, the eCascadia’s single gear provides immediate power.

That matters during all-too-frequent slowdowns on California freeways. When traffic begins moving, Williams keeps pace. In a diesel, he would be left behind, working through gears to get up to speed.

“I would have the space of two diesel trucks in front of me. By the time I get going, five cars jump in front of me,” he said. “With this truck, I can stay right with the cars rather than being dropped back every time we stop and go.”

Even with the truck restricted to 60 mph, Williams said he can shave 15 minutes off the drive from the ports to Chino in heavy traffic.

With advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) like adaptive cruise control, which keeps his truck at a set distance from the vehicle in front of him, and automatic emergency braking, Williams also drives a safer truck.
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