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Here’s every total solar eclipse happening in your lifetime
Excellent infographic (sadly, none in Ireland for the rest of my lifetime)
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july 2017 by jm
Moquette MQTT
a Java implementation of an MQTT 3.1 broker. Its code base is small. At its core, Moquette is an events processor; this lets the code base be simple, avoiding thread sharing issues. The Moquette broker is lightweight and easy to understand so it could be embedded in other projects.
mqtt  moquette  netty  messaging  queueing  push-notifications  iot  internet  push  eclipse 
may 2014 by jm
Chronon DVR for Java
"record entire execution of your Java app; play it back on any machine". Other features: time-travelling debugger -- step backwards, jump to any point in execution, designed for long running programs; post-execution logging -- add log statements after the program has run, and see what it would have logged. Looks extremely nifty, but I wonder how big those recording files get...
debugging  via:peakscale  eclipse  chronon  dvr  java  coding  logging  jvm 
may 2012 by jm
eclim (eclipse + vim)
'Eclim is less of an application and more of an integration of two great projects. The first, Vim, is arguably one of the best text editors in existence. The second, Eclipse, provides many great tools for development in various languages. Each provides many features that can increase developer productivity, but both still leave something to be desired. Vim lacks native Java support and many of the advanced features available in Eclipse. Eclipse, on the other hand, still requires the use of the mouse for many things, and when compared to Vim, provides a less than ideal interface for editing text. That is where eclim comes into play. Instead of trying to write an IDE in Vim or a Vim editor in Eclipse, eclim provides an Eclipse plug-in that exposes Eclipse features through a server interface, and a set of Vim plug-ins that communicate with Eclipse over that interface. This functionality can be leveraged in three primary ways, as illustrated below.'
eclipse  java  programming  software  vim  editors  refactoring 
november 2011 by jm

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