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48 Hours In Dublin
good set of tourist tips for a foodie Dublin weekender
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august 2017 by jm
The 38 Essential Dublin Restaurants
Irish Times resto reviewer @catherineeats with her 38 top recommendations for Dublin. a solid list
dublin  restaurants  eating  food  lists  tourism 
july 2017 by jm
What the Irish Ate Before Potatoes - Bon Appétit
on the history of Irish cuisine -- mostly milk and butter, and notably "bog butter":
And the Irish didn’t like their butter just one way: from the 12th century on, there are records of butter flavored with onion and garlic, and local traditions of burying butter in bogs. Originally, it’s thought that bog butter began as a good storage system, but after a time, buried bog butter came to be valued for its uniquely boggy flavor.
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june 2016 by jm
Let Them Make Noise: A ‘Dining Club’ Invites Toddlers -
This is a great idea. I miss eating out, and this is why:
Throughout our three-hour meal, babies cried, mothers nursed, toddlers shrieked and farro grains flew, but the atmosphere was surprisingly leisurely. There was no reason to be self-conscious about a crying-nursing-dancing child because everyone knew every other parent was in the same boat. Or would be in a few seconds. So we relaxed and ate. This is not fine dining as I once knew it, and that’s O.K. That’s what date night is for. But my daughter got her first lesson in how to behave at a fancy restaurant. And I got to finish a delicious meal while it was still warm, toddler in tow.
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may 2016 by jm
Han Sung: Probably the Best Korean Food in Dublin
Han Sung is bizarrely located in the back of an Asian supermarket just off the Millennium Walk on Great Strand Street. [...]

You’d see this a lot in Korea, I ask, a restaurant in the back of a supermarket?

Not really, no, he says.
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october 2015 by jm
17 Things Everyone Must Eat In Dublin
actually a fairly sane list of lunchy options -- the SMS fish finger butty is a lunch staple for us Swrvers
dublin  lunch  food  sms  eating  restaurants  buzzfeed 
march 2015 by jm
Dublin's Best-Kept Secret: Blas Cafe
looks great, around the corner from Cineworld on King's Inn St, D1
dublin  cafes  food  blas-cafe  eating  northside 
october 2014 by jm
The science of 'hangry'
In the PNAS paper, Brad Bushman and colleagues looked at 107 couples over 21 days and found that people experiencing uncharacteristically low blood sugar were more likely to display anger toward their spouse. (The researchers measured this by having subjects stick needles into voodoo dolls representing their significant others.)
hangry  hunger  food  eating  science  health  blood-sugar  voodoo-dolls  glucose 
april 2014 by jm
3 Tacos or 4 Flautas Per Order Make a Healthy Diet in Greatest Scientific Study Ever
"In reality, [tacos and flautas] aren't bad meals," the report argues. "The error that many of us Mexicans [Gustavo note: and gabachos] commit is including these types of dishes in our regular diet without an appropriate balance of them and falling into excessively eating them; accompanied by a lack of physical activity, it creates bad eating habits." The good docs go on to note that people can eat tacos and flautas without negatively affecting their health, but "the key resides in controlling the quantity and frequency of eating these types of meals." They also make the point that overall, tacos and flautas have less grease than doughnuts, french fries and even some health bars, although they didn't specify which brands in the latter.

In a subsequent blog post, the scientists go on to describe flautas as an "energy food" due to their composition, and conclude by recommending that a healthy diet can include three tacos al pastor or four flautas per order, "controlling the frequency of intake." So have at it, boyos, but in moderation. And I can already hear the skeptics: What about tacos de chicharrones? Why not focus on carne asada? Did they take into consideration chiles de mordida? Did they factor in horchata? And whither the burrito variable?
science  tacos  flautas  mexican-food  food  eating  yay 
november 2013 by jm
It’s the Sugar, Folks
A study published in the Feb. 27 issue of the journal PLoS One links increased consumption of sugar with increased rates of diabetes by examining the data on sugar availability and the rate of diabetes in 175 countries over the past decade. And after accounting for many other factors, the researchers found that increased sugar in a population’s food supply was linked to higher diabetes rates independent of rates of obesity. In other words, according to this study, obesity doesn’t cause diabetes: sugar does.

The study demonstrates this with the same level of confidence that linked cigarettes and lung cancer in the 1960s. As Rob Lustig, one of the study’s authors and a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California, San Francisco, said to me, “You could not enact a real-world study that would be more conclusive than this one.”
nytimes  health  food  via:fanf  sugar  eating  diabetes  papers  medicine 
february 2013 by jm
'Become a virtual beef farmer. Control your personal food chain.' also deliver prime beef. mmmm
meat  beef  mullingar  heifers  cows  food  eating  shopping  ireland  from delicious
october 2009 by jm
The Best Way to Cook a Thick Steak
30 minutes over medium heat, cooked in its own fat. whoa, I want to try this
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october 2009 by jm

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