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Linux kernel bug delivers corrupt TCP/IP data to Mesos, Kubernetes, Docker containers — Vijay Pandurangan
Bug in the "veth" driver skips TCP checksums. Reminder: app-level checksums are important
checksums  tcp  veth  ethernet  drivers  linux  kernel  bugs  docker 
april 2016 by jm
Asus trackpad driver sets the CPU speed to maximum during scrolling
LOL, hardware people writing drivers. Good reason not to buy Asus, I guess
asus  fail  hardware  drivers  throttling  cpu  touchpad  trackpad  scrolling  laptops 
november 2014 by jm
Basho and Seagate partner to deliver scale-out cloud storage breakthrough
Ha, cool. Skip the OS, write the Riak store natively to the drive. This sounds frankly terrifying ;)
The Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform eliminates the storage server tier of traditional data center architectures by enabling applications to speak directly to the storage system, thereby reducing expenses associated with the acquisition, deployment, and support of hyperscale storage infrastructures. The platform leverages Seagate’s expertise in hardware and software storage systems integrating an open source API and Ethernet connectivity with Seagate hard drive technology.
seagate  basho  riak  storage  hardware  drivers  os  ops 
october 2013 by jm
Raspberry Pi gets open-source video drivers
'As of right now, all of the VideoCore driver code which runs on the ARM is available under a FOSS license (3-Clause BSD to be precise). If you’re not familiar with the status of open source drivers on ARM SoCs this announcement may not seem like such a big deal, but it does actually mean that the BCM2835 used in the Raspberry Pi is the first ARM-based multimedia SoC with fully-functional, vendor-provided (as opposed to partial, reverse engineered) fully open-source drivers, and that Broadcom is the first vendor to open their mobile GPU drivers up in this way.'

This is a great result -- congrats to the Raspberry Pi team for getting this to happen.
raspberry-pi  open-source  hardware  drivers  gpu  graphics  embedded-linux  linux  broadcom  bsd  bcm2835 
october 2012 by jm
'a driver for Xbox and Xbox360 gamepads. It works by reading the raw data from the controller with the userspace library libusb and then passes the interpreted data to the kernel via uinput. This allows xboxdrv to provide regular joystick and event devices, which makes it compatible with all Linux software.'
drivers  xbox360  controllers  remote  linux  ubuntu  xboxdrv  joystick  input  from delicious
july 2010 by jm
Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1900 Hybrid TV (1179) -
Back looking at these again, as Padraig noted the SundTek drivers are closed source; at least pvrusb2 is OSS
hauppauge  drivers  hardware  linux  tv  tuners  os  from delicious
june 2010 by jm
pvrusb2 Linux drivers for the Hauppauge product line
Jesus Christ Hauppauge. get a clue already, why are you making it so hard for Linux users to buy your bloody hardware?!
htpc  linux  pvr  mythtv  usb  hauppauge  pvrusb2  drivers  hardware  from delicious
june 2010 by jm

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