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Pure Pharmacy
a low-cost online vendor in Ireland, recommended by @irldexter on ITS (along with

'For basic consultations I halved the cost €55 to engage a GP with down to €25 (for limited domains) and after paying €8.48 and €9.48 respectively for a Ventolin inhaler, I now get them for €3.50 at (closer to mainland EU costs). I also benchmarked my parents medicine costs which worked out 40% cheaper too.'
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november 2016 by jm
Two surgeons debate the use of cycle helmets
'I am a neurosurgeon and a cyclist, and I am also married to a dedicated cyclist. I wear a cycling helmet and encourage cyclists to wear one. I don’t find that wearing one impedes me in any way. I am under no illusion that it will save me in the event of a high speed collision with a car or lorry (nothing will), but most cycling accidents aren’t of the high-speed variety.'


'I am a consultant Trauma orthopaedic surgeon working in Edinburgh and have many years of experience treating cyclists after serious road traffic, cycle sport and commuting cycle injuries. I believe there is no justification for helmet laws or promotional campaigns that portray cycling as a particularly ‘dangerous’ activity, or that make unfounded claims about the effectiveness of helmets. By reducing cycle use even slightly, helmet laws or promotion campaigns are likely to cause a significant net disbenefit to public health, regardless of the effectiveness or otherwise of helmets.'

Generally a lot of sense on either side.
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february 2013 by jm

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