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backward compatible replacement for Dockerfile. Yes, you can take any Dockerfile, rename it to Rockerfile and use rocker build instead of docker build. ... Rocker aims to solve the following use cases, which are painful with plain Docker:

Mount reusable volumes on build stage, so dependency management tools may use cache between builds.
Share ssh keys with build (for pulling private repos, etc.), while not leaving them in the resulting image.
Build and run application in different images, be able to easily pass an artifact from one image to another, ideally have this logic in a single Dockerfile.
Tag/Push images right from Dockerfiles.
Pass variables from shell build command so they can be substituted to a Dockerfile.
And more. These are the most critical issues that were blocking our adoption of Docker at Grammarly.

The most challenging part is caching. While implementing those features seems to be not a big deal, it's not trivial to do that just by utilising Docker’s image cache (the one that docker build does). Actually, it is the main reason why those features are still not in Docker. With Rocker we achieve this by introducing a set of trade-offs. Search this page for "trade-off" to find out more details.
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