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Perspectives on the Costa Concordia Incident
hey, co-worker Rory Browne gets namechecked on James Hamilton's blog! woo
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february 2012 by jm
The Captain of the Costa Concordia is Totally Screwed [OP/ED]
'For the most senior officer on board, the one who had been entrusted with the care and safety of this magnificent ship, his job was far from over. In fact the Captain had just added a new job title to his resume, that of ON SCENE COMMANDER. But apparently he didn’t realize it because he took off in a lifeboat, leaving this giant steaming pile to be picked up by the Italian police and Coast Guard who are continuing to search for survivors, and prevent looters from gaining access. The Captain didn’t just take off in a lifeboat, he left the entire scene completely.' oh dear. (via Tony Finch)
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january 2012 by jm
How would my finances change if euro collapsed? - RTÉ News
RTE's sketch of the repercussions of a Euro collapse for Irish consumers. basically: you won't have any finances, particularly if you have a mortgage
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december 2011 by jm
Ireland banking crisis: is the worst really over? | Business |
still a disaster, and the new government are proving disappointing. Pimco CEO says fail: '"The creditors most of the creditors so far have not gone through any burden sharing, it is remarkable; it is inadvisable; but it is a political decision that has been taken. It surprises me. What they are hoping for is by maintaining the credits intact, that they creditors they are going to rush back in with new money. What they haven't read is the history of debt crisis and the history of debt crises is very simple. Whenever you have a debt overhang, whenever you have this big cloud of debt no new creditor will come in in a big way."'
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april 2011 by jm
Michael "Liar's Poker" Lewis on Ireland's economic collapse
PDF of the 15-page Vanity Fair article -- from interviews I've read in advance, this seems pretty good
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february 2011 by jm

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