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Dr. Bunsen / Time Warp
I use it to modify Time Machine’s backup behavior using weighted reservoir sampling. I built Time Warp to preserve important backup snapshots and prevent Time Machine from deleting them.

via Aman. Nifty!
backup  python  time-machine  decay  exponential-decay  weighting  algorithms  snapshots  ops 
january 2014 by jm
Flower Filter
'A simple time-decaying approximate membership filter' -- like a Bloom filter with time decay. See also for some notes on the non-independence of survival probabilities, and how that imposes negligible differences in practice.
bloom-filter  algorithms  coding  probabilistic  approximate  time  decay 
july 2013 by jm
Atelier olschinsky - "Cities III 05"
Fine Art Print on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Bright White, 310g: 40x50cm up to 70x100cm. Some great art based on decayed urban landscape shots, from a Vienna-based design studio. See also ,
olschinsky  cities  urban  decay  landscape  art  prints  want 
june 2013 by jm
Exponentially decaying lists
'log scale for lists; Decaying lists allow to manage large range of values. A decaying list grows logarithmically with the number of items. It follows that some items are dropped when other are inserted.' (via Tony Finch)
via:fanf  clojure  algorithms  decay  backoff  half-life  data-structures 
february 2013 by jm

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