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DD-WRT Network Stats Graphics using Grafana and InfluxDB
A slightly hackier approach to DD-WRT grafana metrics, but with a workaround when JFFS isn't an option
grafana  networking  metrics  dd-wrt  routers  jffs  influxdb 
22 days ago by jm
Send DD-WRT router metrics to a graphite server, and a nice Grafana dashboard for same. Needs JFFS enabled on the router
dd-wrt  wrt  routers  networking  grafana  graphite  metrics 
22 days ago by jm
SmartThings Presence Detection using DD-WRT Router Script
neat trick -- using DD-WRT's arp tables and a cron job to detect presence of wifi devices (e.g. phones) and take action based on that. By using , it should be feasible to wire up any IFTTT action when a device connects to my home wifi...
wifi  make  hacking  home  ifttt  dd-wrt 
march 2016 by jm

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