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Val on Programming: Making a Datomic system GDPR-compliant
Proposed solution: complementing Datomic with an erasure-aware key/value store.
In cases where Excision is not a viable solution, the solution I've come up with is store to privacy-sensitive values in a complementary, mutable KV store, and referencing the corresponding keys from Datomic.

This seems to be turning into a common pattern for GDPR compliant storage.
gdpr  privacy  clojure  datomic  data-protection  storage  architecture 
june 2018 by jm
Sergio Bossa's thoughts about Datomic
good comments from Sergio, particularly about the scalability of the single transactor in the Datomic architecture. I agree it's a worrying design flaw
clojure  nosql  datomic  sergio-bossa  transactor  spof  architecture  storage 
october 2013 by jm

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