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"The world's best portable wood-fired oven". Fergal has one and loves it. $299
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may 2017 by jm
Possible ban on 'factory food' in French restaurants
I am very much in favour of this in Ireland, too. The pre-prepared food thing makes for crappy food:
In an attempt to crack down on the proliferation of restaurants serving boil-in-a-bag or microwave-ready meals, which could harm France’s reputation for good food, MP Daniel Fasquelle is putting a new law to parliament this month. [...] The proposed law would limit the right to use the word “restaurant” to eateries where food is prepared on site using raw ingredients, either fresh or frozen. Exceptions would be made for some prepared products, such as bread, charcuterie and ice cream.
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june 2013 by jm
My Mexican
the Irish rendition of Mexican food has long been legendarily terrible, but this new web shop offers a fantastic range of authentic Mexican food ingredients, especially all those chilies you just can't get here
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may 2012 by jm
If MSG is so bad for you, why doesn't everyone in Asia have a headache?
good article on the history of MSG and the "umami" flavour from the Guardian (via Reddit)
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february 2011 by jm
Harissa Recipe
'like Wasabi's truant ginger cousin with a rap sheet' says Morgan Jones. I'll go for some of that
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february 2011 by jm
The Best Way to Cook a Thick Steak
30 minutes over medium heat, cooked in its own fat. whoa, I want to try this
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october 2009 by jm

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