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Nextflow - A DSL for parallel and scalable computational pipelines
Data-driven computational pipelines

Nextflow enables scalable and reproducible scientific workflows using software containers. It allows the adaptation of pipelines written in the most common scripting languages.

Its fluent DSL simplifies the implementation and the deployment of complex parallel and reactive workflows on clouds and clusters.

GPLv3 licensed, open source
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august 2017 by jm
Accidentally Turing-Complete
slightly ruined by the inclusion of some "deliberately Turing-complete" systems
turing  computation  software  via:jwz  turing-complete  accidents  automatons 
march 2014 by jm
"Matters Computational - Ideas, Algorithms, Source Code"
A hefty tome (in PDF format) containing lots of interesting algorithms and computational tricks; code is GPLv3 licensed
coding  algorithms  computation  via:cliffc  pdf  books 
january 2013 by jm

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