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Computer Architecture Lecture 6b: Computation in Memory I
Lecture notes from Prof. Onur Mutlu, ETH Zurich:

'Energy Waste in Mobile Devices: 62.7% of total system energy is spent on data movement [ie. memory fetches]'

Moving data processing closer to the data storage will improve energy efficiency.
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Can regular expressions parse HTML?
'a summary of the main points:
The “regular expressions” used by programmers have very little in common with the original notion of regularity in the context of formal language theory.
Regular expressions (at least PCRE) can match all context-free languages. As such they can also match well-formed HTML and pretty much all other programming languages.
Regular expressions can match at least some context-sensitive languages.
Matching of regular expressions is NP-complete. As such you can solve any other NP problem using regular expressions.'
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